Hello there. I am a person who loves gaming, and more specifically, computer gaming. I'm drawn towards PC gaming because of the dynamic, collaberative and friendly modding community, especially that of ModDB. When I'm in a more casual gaming mood, I play on my PS3. My favorite game series include Half-Life, Killzone, The Elder Scrolls, Crysis, Resistance, Might and Magic, Quake and Cube. Most anticipated games: Crysis 2, RAGE, Medal of Honor, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Most anticipated mods: Raindrop, Black Mesa, CURSE: Episode 2, Zeitgeist

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The Stanley Parable

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The Stanley Parable, which I discovered earlier today, is now one of my favorite mods of all time. Having played narrative mods before this such as Dear Esther, I can safely say that there's nothing quite like this one. While lacking any substantial gameplay, the mod is a triumph of storytelling, satire, and dark humor bundled in the warm familiarity of the Source Engine's assets. The compelling wit of the narrator unveils a multitude of ideas that all arrive at similar conclusions and are thematically tied together.

It's really quite brilliant, so I won't say anymore than the fact that this mod requires many playthroughs to get the full experience. Considering each clocks in at around 4-7 minutes, that's not exactly a terrible amount of time, but every minute will be worth it thanks to excellent writing and spot-on narration. I could not more highly recommend it.


Zeno Clash

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Iron Grip: Warlord

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