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Going in solitude.

Sarge127 Blog

Hey dudes!

Yeah as you read it, im going on a trip in solitude for awhile. Bringing my laptop with me im going to be making 3D models and stuff so from there i'll be able to make a lot of cool things i hope, programs?
3ds max, Blender, Photoshop. tis all i need, and some FPS games to check out the models in-game.

Cya guys, expect me...

Red River College

Sarge127 Blog

Hey Moddb Friends!

Sarge here with another excuse to get away from moddb for awhile!
Im in College. I barely have time to do any work at all within 3d media and 2d art, so in the mean time!
Don't give up on me. Maybe i will post a few things. :P Cya guys! take care out in the moddding world! many experiences to experience!

Sarge, over and out!

3DS Max Wins

Sarge127 Blog

Hey guys,

Having not used 3ds max before, i kinda grew attached to it lately. The moment i started understanding its interface and hotkeys, etc. I started beginning to Model as usual, now that i have a decent PC i can now go high-poly than i did last time.

Last night was a blast, i spent 10 hours straight on 3ds max getting used to the interface and even modeled a Mid-Poly Katana, but thats in the projects list i have, so in the mean time 3dstudents stayed tuned!



Sarge127 Blog

As the 2nd semester goes by fast, things are looking smooth for me as far as graduation goes.
Im currently on signing up for Graphics Design at our College Named Red River College...

I completed step 1 of the process which is the registration, 2nd step is to complete my portfolio which contains a lot of my Work in both art and graphically... Im not the best at it but man i got to try if im to see myself as a 3D Graphic Artist... Thanks Friends! i'll see you in time! i stopped on the M4 and HK Projects due to this reason. No Soldier should be honored for what is expected...

So excuse me gents and gals, i have a mission to do... a really important real life mission.
this is Sarge, Over and out...


Sarge127 Blog

Hey guys just so you know im back up and running permanently... However work won't be posted 24/7 as i got real life work to work with so just bear with me while away!

Anyways im working on 2 projects An M4A1 Carbine, and A HK416 both are high poly and somewhat the same geometry almost... so just browse around and enjoy the slow work i post! i hope to update once every 2 days. i really don't know how long it will take but just chill eh? :D

Stopped Due Too...

Sarge127 Blog

Hey guys sorry i haven't posted any work as of lately, i was busy with school, martial arts, and other things in life.
So im not calling it quits just yet, in fact i believe this road im on right now just needs me a little more than usual eh? I've been studying so little about on how to properly use maya2011 student version.
But i haven't got the time to use it all the time. because school and stuffs.
I'm sure some of you know what Kendo is, its Japanese sword fencing! Oh man you should have seen my confidence i put into kendo and how i really want it in my life forever... Yeah...

And school, im possibly be graduating this year... when that chapter in my life ends, i begin my journey on 3d animation and design and learning how to master the way of the sword which is Kendo.
But its not going to be an easy road as from stories of recent graduates its hard being an adult...
Anyways, thanks for your good feed back from my recent works... don't think i gave up just yet guys.
I'll be back!


Hey guys i've been rambling along with my buddies the other day weather if i should make
a 3D modeling tutorial for QuakePSP and PC users.

I mean if i did i would probably cover everything from Baking textures to Setting up a decent render scene, and How to Make HDRI Rendering... etc all kinds of stuff... but i lack the requirements to make tutorials, i can't even properly write it in PDF and Word form because its kinda hard to explain while i PrntSc. and paste it into a Paint Program.
Hmmm... Anyways ideas what i should do guys? because im not the best at it all just to give Quake 3D modelers an idea what they could expect when becoming one... Cyas!

Hey guys, I've been thinking...

Since i have so much experience making low poly models i was thinking that i should take it into the next step and make PSP games like Officially... but i would need a lot to get into that.
Hmph, potential is what some experts say but really? i don't know... i haven't really been in the mood to do some 3D modeling cause my Comp is a laptop and sucks ass...
I really need to save up some cash, Or make a dona- Just kidding.
Anyways im on a mission for the last time... thank you all for the support and feed back my friends.

-This is sarge, over and out...


Sarge127 Blog


I'm tired of me setting back to square one, There is just no way i can work with Maya anymore...
To many things missing unlike... blender.
So im gonna Un-install Maya Until i get a decent Computer, So for now im gonna be working with Blender 3D for awhile... if anyone needs help with there mods fear not to contact me.

-Sarge, Over and out.

Maya 2011

Sarge127 Blog 1 comment

Hey guys, Sarge here

I recently got Maya 2011 from autodesk, now some of you are like Pfft i could've gotten that long ago But listen... I'am no longer going to model in Blender 3D now i know i could've became an ACE at blender but this if for my School I'm going into and i have to be prepared.

Wish me luck on my training, Thanks guys!

This is Sarge, Over and out.

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