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Black ICE Mod

Mod review

Before I begin, let me just say that this was the first mod that enabled me to actually play a historically accurate WWII (more or less) as it made the Americans actually get involved in the ETO and Russia doesn't actually fall instantly.

Very well done tech tree requires a good understanding and planning to work through. The annual decisions and the rationing trade offs add a lot to the complexity and strategy of the game. The importance of weather and terrain has really been challenging for me to cope with, but I am very happy to take it on. As are the challenges of properly outfitting a division and sending to overseas to fight. The smart AI is able to conduct overseas invasions, conduct far ranging ASW operations across the Atlantic, and conduct effective tactical air campaigns. A major improvement over the vanilla game.

So, for the challenging difficulty of the mod and its ability to actually recreate history, I give this mod a 9 out of 10.


Iron Europe - WW1 Mod

Mod review

Taking a medieval fighting game to the First World War, complete with sniper rifles, cannons, MG's, whistles, and actually useful medics. The mod delivers on its promises and does so with perfect execution.


The Great War 1918

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Accomplishing what no other mod has done before, The Great War brings WWI to life with great variety of combat. It allows you to fight it out in the trenches or engage in the mobile combat that characterized the great breakthroughs of the last German offensive. Good variety of units and specially made maps makes it obvious the amount of effort the team put into this mod. This is enough to give this a 10, but the mod was also very easy to install and runs just fine after CoH converted to Steam servers.
A Great Mod for the Great War.


Europe at War

Mod review
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