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News 17 comments

Hello fellow Modders! It is I, your Resource Manager! What, you didn't know that the Modification Database had a Resource Manager? Not surprising...

Demo This Summer.

Maerchen 5 comments

Just stopping by to say that despite our website no longer existing, three quarters of the team being inactive, and no "real" updates in a while...


Maerchen 13 comments

After nearly a year of development, Maerchen is finally ready for release. We are delighted to announce to the community that the absolute final version...

Update (03/27/05)

Maerchen 2 comments

Finally some good news. I, quite by accident, stumbled across a very recent partial build of Maerchen that I thought I had lost. With it, along with some...

Website Live!

Maerchen 6 comments

After a few months of just using our Nord1c website as a resource for Maerchen, we've finally set up a site dedicated 100% to Maerchen. Though it's...

Nord1C Portal Launched

News 5 comments

Today I have the great pleasure of announcing the opening of the Nord1C Design portal, a site dedicated to all of our standalone games and modifications...

New Members


I'd like to welcome the following people to the Maerchen Development Team: "License2Kill": Project Sub-leader, 2D Sprite Artist. "SILVERWOLF_87&quot...

New Screenshots

Maerchen 4 comments

I've got some more screenshots for you today, one of which has been seen before by careful modDB forum browsers, the other of which is brand spanking...


Maerchen 5 comments

It's time for another Maerchen Progress Report. This week has been a busy one at school, so I haven't accomplished that much, in comparison...

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

Interview II

STALKER Theft Auto 3 comments

"Sniper-X" from STALKER: Theft Auto was just interviewed a second time, this time by "Headhunter", the administrator of

Alpha.0334 Released!

Maerchen 3 comments

After a grueling three weeks of debugging, optimizing, and adding new features, the alpha build v0334 of Maerchen is finally available. It includes the...

Battlefield 2

Active again. (Lite version)

DrugWars 4 comments

I just posted an enourmous news post at the DrugWars homepage, regarding our decision to continue the development of DrugWars. Because it is far too lengthy...

SDK Platform Alpha v001


I've released the SDK Platform Alpha v001, which includes the editable player, HUD, console, and first level sprites in bitmap form, as well as an...

CS:Source Reviewed!

News 3 comments

After working for 2 weeks off and on, I finally got it together to complete my Counter-Strike: Source review. It consists of 7 detailed and extensive...

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

ModDB Interview

STALKER Theft Auto

I recently had a chance to conduct an interview with Sniper-X from the STALKER: Theft Auto modification. This was a very exciting opportunity, and quite...

Half-Life 2

Active again!

Orwells Hell: 1984

I'm pretty excited to share with everyone here (those interested, at least) that I've decided to re-continue Orwells Hell: 1984. As you may...

Far Cry

The Forgotten War Interview

The Forgotten War 1 comment

I recently had the opportunity to conduct an informative interview with Pelezo from The Forgotten War. The product is a very interesting and extensive...

FarCry Gore Coalition

News 1 comment

Hello FarCry Modders and Gamers alike, San-J from the DrugWars mod here. We have an announcement, that we want the whole community to hear. We're in the...

Battlefield 2

DrugWars Site Moved


As expected, our SquadEngine site was shut down. We are currently in the process of moving everything over to We have some concept art and more renders...


News 1 comment

Modders, take heed! SquadEngine, a revolutionary asset for modders, is now offering a free one month trial so you can check out all its cool features...

Battlefield 2

DrugWars Interview


Hey guys! FPSCentral was nice enough to conduct an interview with the DrugWars team. Here is a portion of it: What do you think will set Drug Wars different...

Independant Game Development Network

News 2 comments

First off, hey to all ya modders! I've been gone for a while, but I'm back in business. Though I'm not here to share any more info about DrugWars or any...

Battlefield 2

DrugWars Update


Hey modders, it's time for our next update on DrugWars. First off, we have tons more model renders, which can be seen here. New renders include a low...

Battlefield 2

DrugWars Model Renders


Some awesome new model renders for you! View them all here: Alternatively, here is a list of all of the new model renders: M16: >> >> >> Colt M4: >> >>...

Ninja Showdown Beta Sign-Ups!

News 1 comment

Hey guys, I am proud to announce that Ninja Showdown will be ready for beta testing this coming weekend. Ninja Showdown is a 2d fighting game that I programmed...

Half-Life 2

Propaganda Contest!

Orwells Hell: 1984 20 comments

EuroTek Studios is proud to announce the first Propaganda Contest, to kickoff the beginning of the development of Orwells Hell: 1984. The rules are as...

Battlefield 2

DrugWars News (05/08/04)


Hey modders! Quite a bit of noteworthy news today... First off, DrugWars will definately show up on the STALKER engine, as well as HL2. We are happy to...

Battlefield 2

DrugWars News (04/23/04)


Hey fellas, San-J here... We have a bit of news for you :) First off, ICMafia Studios has been renamed to EuroTek Studios, for a variety of reasons...

DrugWars News (04/15/04)


Hey guys, some big news for all our fans... Development on a retail edition of DrugWars has been officially announced. We will be using the underacknowledged...

Battlefield 2

DrugWars News (03/30/04)

DrugWars 2 comments

With the recent release of FarCry, the DrugWars team is more motivated than ever, producing an amazing stream of models. Our mappers are also probing...

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