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During the month of October Huenison has matured into what I consider the first releasable version: it's complete, fully enjoyable and more finger/mind-breaking than ever! However, I'm not releasing it just yet because I have some pixels and ideas left ;)

Let's have a closer look at what has changed (in no particular order)...

  • added giant ghost-like bricks scrolling in the background, corresponding to the pieces just generated - they not just look cool, but might help spotting interesting pieces (see screenshots below);
  • added level-specific introduction messages;
  • added more sound samples;
  • eliminated unfair points advantage given by shooting at the bricks fired by the bosses during the BOSS levels;
  • made ground flash shortly in the places where it changes;
  • added QUICKSHOT bonus - extra points are awarded and the ground is lowered everywhere by 1 step when 5 consecutive shots hit each time a different brick of a different color within 2 seconds (white beam shots are ignored);
  • added bunches of bricks: at times, the bricks don't come as singletons, but in groups that form specific shapes (Tetris-like, screen-wide line and more);
  • added RESTORE bonus - the ground is flattened to the initial state when requested after the player completes the "RESTORE" indicator, by destroying the slide bricks;
  • added the WALL mode (see screenshot below);
  • adjusted levels sequence and parameters;
  • added instructions;
  • reworked cannon: now it's bigger, so that it's easier to read the colors;
  • retouched graphics;
  • added more tunes and improved the pre-existing ones;
  • made speed of RUSH modes level-relative;
  • reworked introduction (which now transitions in the menu scrolltext), and added interludes and ending (this also increases the already strong personality of the game and the feeling of being challenged by a rival);
  • added FACE-OFF level (the final battle!);
  • added HIT STREAK bonus - extra points are awarded and the zapper line gets raised by 10 steps when 10 consecutive shots hit each time a different brick (white beam shots are ignored);
  • made tons of (internal) improvements/optimizations/fixes.

Since all the blabbering above will probably sound vague in several places, here are a few screenshots...

WALL mode

In this mode you'll have to deal with avalanches of bricks!

Fully-lit status panel

This is just to give an idea, as not all of those indicators can actually appear at the same time. The HIT STREAK bonus indicator is not shown because the screenshot was taken before its implementation. In this screenshot it's also possible to see the bigger cannon and the "ghost" bricks in the background.

Additional screenshot

A little bit old, but why not sharing it?

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