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Short Story: 2 Souls
Pt 2: The Dead Speaks

How did I come across Dennis? Not a very interesting story. I was doing research online on cable hanging techniques some pro’s said increases work flow on the power lines. I came across a blog, written by Dennis explaining communication techniques between the chopper pilot and person working on the lines. He had some art that aspired to me on that blog. So I checked him out further and discovered his art profile. I connected instantly with his art, depicting dragons, eagles flying, even mixed pieces between power line repair and flight. He seemed to love his job for the same reason I did, to feel like you were flying.
We discussed work, his art and so on, but when I asked him where he lives he told me halfway across the world from me. So I scrubbed the thought of meeting him in real life from my thoughts right there, but I always thought about his art when I was on the job.

“Are you kidding me? What has us having the same alter ego have to do with you knowing where I lived and how I felt? How do you even know we have the same alter ego, how can it physically exist? Why can’t we just forget about it and stay here?” I went rambling on until I looked at Dennis, my breath expended.
“There are some coincidences in life that have grave consequences Alex. And we are in the middle of one. We are two souls feeding one alter ego. That is not natural and as a result that alter ego is supernatural in occurrence, ” Dennis said.
"So what does it matter, we are two very happy souls," I replied.
"We won't be for long. As I said before, it wasn't fate's choice that you are here. It wasn't your time to die. He caused your death. This isn't the true after life," Dennis said, shifting.
"How do you know all this?"
"Well I had a little chat with our alter ego a while back, but that's not important, what is though, is what he is planning to do on Earth, and I fear it's not something good. Power corrupts, and he has allot of power with us both standing here, in this prison."
If I was human then I would have folded my arms, but being a dragon in this case a snort had to suffice, "Well...who is he then? My...our alter ego?"
Dennis frowned, "That, is the problem. I don't know. I might have spoken to him, but he wasn't a person then. No idea where he is or what his personality is."
"Well what can we do about him from here? You said it yourself, we are imprisoned here."
"Well I'm lucky to have talked to him and being here also gave me insight, so I kinda understand what the principle is. We each have a soul. But that soul cannot exist on Earth without energy. That energy comes from its other half, its alter ego. A soul linked to yours from the realm beyond. Normally when we die, our soul is released to the next life, giving out alter ego's soul the energy to come to and live on Earth and a new person is born with your alter ego. Your alter ego's soul can hang between worlds for how ever longs it takes for it to be born into our world. Time is perceived differently here. That is the normal case," Dennis explained
"And we are not a normal case I presume?"
"Our alter ego is powered by two souls, giving him unnatural power in our realm."
"How did this come to be?"
"I don't know Alex, but the answer might lie with our alter ego."
I wanted to ask more questions, but I didn't get the chance. The cloud we were standing on disappeared and the entire world we were in started to shift, becoming more dark. The wind picked up considerably. We scrambled through the air for another cloud but they were just normal clouds now.
"What the hell is going on?" I shouted through the gale
"I think he is causing this, we can control this realm as much as he can, but we were stronger being two, so we could make this world what we wanted. Now I'm not so sure."
We flew and what appeared to be the ground swooped up below us. We landed on what looked like a vast expanse of a rocky plain, flat and featureless.
"Do you sense that?" Dennis asked
"Yeah, I feel, an emptiness drawing me somewhere." I replied, but I was dragged within my conciseness at that moment.
"I can sense him on Earth Alex," I heard Dennis's voice, his voice becoming more distant. I was being drawn away from him. The blackness returned.
"Alex! Your soul! It's being drawn back to Earth! I can feel myself...feeding it," Dennis said at the back of my mind. There was a long silence. Then...Nothing.

I was going to miss Peterson. I can't believe I am thinking that. Yeah sure we was a dick now and then, but he kept team two together. I can't kelp think there was a hint of concern in his last words as I fell out of the heli. Maybe he wasn't so ba...
"Alex! You son of a bitch!"
Oh God, never mind. I opened my eyes, a dull light around me.
"You fucking scared me you shit. And you know I don't scare easily. Getting shocked, was one thing, but falling an braking almost every bone in your body is another," I could hear Peterson next to me, The doctors said it's a miracle you came back.
All I could do was let out a moan. And I went under again.

I recovered fast. Or so the doctor told me. Few months passed. But I finally got back out there. I forgot about what happened after I died, thinking it was just a dream. I got back to work, but for some reason I didn't feel down because of Dennis's death. I still felt like he was there with me. I shrugged the feeling off. Work went well, team one got a new heli pilot, so we were back on schedule.
It was funny, the two teams never met each other. But I felt compelled to go to team one's helicopter pilot's funeral. The person being buried 's name was Allem Hendricks. I never met him, but I felt a connection to him. I thought it was the fact that he died on the job, and I almost did as well.
I was the last left at the grave after everyone went home. I felt silly for still standing there, but I couldn't let myself leave. The wind picked up and I heard someone shouting at me.
"Alex!" I heard in the wind. I turned around, nothing. "Alex, open your mind."
I instinctively did so, now hearing the voice, not around me but in my head.
"I was a good looking helicopter pilot," the voice said.
"Dennis? What the hell. How..."
"You thought you dreamt all of that while you were dead? Reality check Alex, that's me lying in that grave."
"Allem? So Dennis it's even your real name?"
"No, you would have made the connection quickly if I used my real name on my artist profile."
"Well I'm alive, why didn't you also come back to life?"
"Every soul needs another to power it, I'm powering you."
"Then who is power our alter ego?"
"That's what worries me, I don't know, but he must have found some way. You have to find him Alex. With you alive again, the realm I'm in is very unstable. It's getting worse here," Allem trailed off.
I couldn't hear him anymore. I got worried. My thoughts going to my alter ego.
"What is going on. How do you even find your alter ego," I thought by myself.

"Or maybe he'll find you," A voice said from behind me.

To be continued...


Ok, first thing I read on a kindle :P

It needs padding, the plot picks up too quickly. - Or maybe not, as I'm reading this I'm writing this comment, and Alex just woke up in hospital (I forgot he was in a dream)

The last bits kinda dark, but more in the real world like. - I can't think of the word. :P (in that sense I liked that bit) - if that makes sense.

Also you misspelled help as kelp. :P

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Sab3rr Author

ah well It's supposed to be a short story, if I view the entire story in my head there will be at least 10 parts. And this story gets really dark, don't let the dragon bit fool you.

"(I forgot he was in a dream)" Well technically is wasn't a dream. He think's it was a dream at that stage, but it all happened.

In all I understand your feedback completely. The story will really pick up after part 3. Just...the details are so hard to sort out in my head

ps. lol ik how it feels, I also want to write comments as I read, but try not to, jot down things as you read then say them all in one comment.

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