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I'm still surprised at how many of you guys remember the good old days, and more surprisingly me. Seems we all still hold fond memories of this place and out time together.

Time seems to be accelerating, and the gaps between blogs are getting larger. But frankly I didn't expect to be writing another one anyway. So this one is for you guys! I'm also sorry if you guys are posting blogs, I am a bad person because I haven't read anything on this site besides PMs in years. This blog won't be containing much detail, mainly because I myself can't remember many details from the past 2 years since my last blog.

After graduation I started my master's research project. It was a 2 year course and I was tasked with developing trajectory optimisation algorithms and controllers to recover large transport aircraft from upsets (in simulation). I graduated with distinction in December last year with a 200 page thesis. It was really fun, but also really tough.

I then looked for work overseas without success unfortunately. I settled with a local company that employs mainly graduate master's students from my postgrad lab I studied at. They seem to hire all the pedigree master's students, so I'm quite honored to be working there. They are an aerospace company, but don't be fooled, SA doest not have an aerospace industry. The company only has clients overseas, developing UAV systems. But the work thus far has been really fun. Funnily enough my best friend I have been studying for the past 6 years, master's included, is also working there, so I just can't seem to get rid of him haha. But no, it's amazing that we've sticked together like this.

I hope to strengthen my CV with industry experience working for the company so that my application for international work will be easier (the international job economy is extremely rough atm, go figure). I might have a contact lined up for Germany so we'll see where the next 2 years take me!

I'm still gaming, albeit a bit less. But I blame the sorry state of the gaming industry right now for that. DLC, microtransactions and disgusting anti consumer practice has made me avoid the main titles. But I guess I'm still playing the flavour of the month, like PUBG (when not pissed at the hacker problem). Never even picked up Casualfield 1.

With the past 6 years mainly being studies, I'm hoping and trying to socialise more locally, but geeks like me are scarce here in SA. My LDR is still going strong after 3 years, with them visiting me last June which was magical.

Also congrats to Arcones for publishing his first shortstory and sending me a copy! I was really touched by that. I hope the rest of you are also moving forward and getting where you want to be.

Sab3rr out...


Battlefield One is good, hush you. Come to Germany, rejoin RP and have fun with us and the gang again.

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Sab3rr Author

Funnily enough an old DNA clan member from my EaW days contacted me recently out of the blue. Told him about EaW servers being back up which was news to him. Played a 1v1 EaW game right then and there. Was surreal XD

Maybe the wheel is coming full circle...

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I can't believe 2013 was almost 6 years ago! that's insane.

I'll tell you a thing about industry experience, I've never even finished my degree, yet I'm being offered jobs left right and center.

Nice to still see you here.

I'm getting a bad case of the feels right now.

I hope your contact in Germany comes around for you.

Best wishes man! \m/

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Glad I'm not the only one who looks back at the memories here with fondness.

Good to see its going well for you mate, we should play a PUBG match sometime.

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Coming on this website once every 6-8 months and finding out you still write blogs is awesome my friend. Please don't stop; I love to see how everyone is doing here. #MissingTheOldDays :)

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I can safely say one of the few reasons I come back to ModDB is to check and see if you have a new blog haha

It's awesome to hear that you've accomplished so much! I do miss our almost weekly BF3 squad ups but I'm now hitting that point too where I can't play as much as I used to. Thanks so much for the shoutout! I'm gonna try and poke my head in more in that Discord, can't get rid of me yet :P

Cheers o7

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