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RSS Vanaar'Jet Battleship Concept (view original)
Vanaar'Jet Battleship Concept
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It's a Taiidan battlecruiser imho.
'Qwaar-Jet' is the name given to the Taiidan Heavy Cruiser by the Kushan... In addition the shape and the pattern of the reference ship makes me really think of a Taiidan ship.

Btw where did you get that picture?

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Ryuseimaru Author

Well, I found it somewhere in the deeps of ModDB on some long dead mod. All the info I had on it was the description that's on the ref pic.

I thought this could be an experimental S'jet Heavy Ion-Cannon Cruiser because of the Name and the color pattern. I never played the first Homeworld, so I don't know what esthetics the Taiidani ship designs followed. Yes, you are right, this probably was a Taiidani design, I see that now as I've looked deeper into the matter, but that doesn't change my oppinion of what this ship COULD be. The Hiigarans of today once were the Kushan and the design might have stayed in their logs for centuries before some engineer found use for it.

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I see.

Yes, all it's possible.

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The model of a ship I created using the reference pic to the right of this. Since I don't know shit about Homeworld history before HW2 I don't know where this is from or what it could be, but since the "'Jet" part reminded me of Kiith S'jet, I thought this could be an experimental Destroyer / Cruiser / Battleship / Dreadnaught / Battlecruiser / whatever for Kiith S'jet.

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