I was a Panel Beater for 3 months after completing a Cert II for Paint and Panel, 1 month was work experience and 2 were an actual job. My boss was a complete douche so I chose not to stay. Now I am working out my life and in the meantime I'm enjoying some MISERY... both the mod and actual misery from playing the mod. Happy Hunting!

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Misery Mod 2.1.1

Ryanxrulz Blog

I'm not the kind of person that usually openly talks about what I've been doing, I'm sure you would prefer to be doing something else other than reading about what some guy did in a game or what he has in said game. However, I have decided that I can't help myself and just to have write about this, although I'm not sure if this is the best spot to put it but it's fine for me.

My thoughts on MISERY 2.1.1 so far: After having played this mod for the past 4 days I have come to realise just how great this mod really is, it does have a fair few crash problems but half of them are due to my laptop being a very shiny and tasty potato but a potato nonetheless. Currently I have over 200,000 RU, an Ecologist suit (the better version), CS3-A armour, a Sphere M12 (I think that's what it's called) Helmet, Lynx (I was heart broken when I discovered that the AWP has better damage and accuracy but I will keep both for different operations), an AWP, the Spas-12 Special (Trapper's unique weapon), and a ton of food, meds, and ammo. Basically all I need is an Exoskeleton and I will be unstoppable, and this makes me feel so happy while playing because my previous 7~ attempts all ended in disaster or a corrupted save that prevented me from entering certain parts of the map because a crash was attached to it.

What I'd like to see: More dragons. Maybe less dragons. Dragons in general.

Anyway if you happened upon my profile and you play MISERY but are having a hard time, let me tell you this: Is does get better. Even if it's not immediately or you have to traverse the entirety of Zaton and Jupiter, you will find your treasure chest (Metaphorical chest, that is. Or maybe a real one, who knows) that has more value than you'd ever expect to find from 20 Mercenaries, let alone one location.

To sum it up: MISERY is extremely frustrating but also extremely rewarding the more you tough it out.

Thanks for taking your time to read this (assuming you did), hope your adventures in whatever games you play bring you happiness and money. Real money is preferred but in-game money is good enough.

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