So what can I say about myself. Well, I can start with that I LOVE horror based stuff; horror movies, horror games, horror etc. And what more I love is to make games. Since I played Resident Evil of the age of 7, I always wanted to make a game myself in that kind of horror style. So I started to work with 2D games (in Games Factory), but when I wanted to take a bigger step to 3D, I started to mod for Half-Life 1. First mod was Afraid of Monsters which would only be a test mod, but became something better than only a test, so I uploaded it here on ModDB. I was only at the age of 12-14 when I made AoM, yeah, pretty damn sick for that kind of fantasy (if you've played it), but that's me, crazy and sick! :D I love to use my fantasy for stuff I love to do. So, yeah... Hope you try out my mods and mods I've helped with.

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Awesome as she looks.