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Ok all I know my deadline is getting closer, have to get things done in a shorter time but here's whats happening the original design was supposed to be a open world environment but due to only me doing it, the fact that I have less and less time to get certain things done I'm keeping it small.

So that means vehicles aren't happening at the moment or may not get in till after my final year work.
The original date for beta testing for my project was 7.3.11.

Which was exclive to my campus.The test build only had minor hospital level but was taking too long to build, would have needed a team for it, been recommended to make my level smaller so what I have come up with it a remake of a old level build I used for 3ds Max a while back which basically is based on a old street I remember working on within my 2nd year.

So all I really need to do is make a remake of that and import to UDK.Once this level design is complete then I can focus more on other things.

Also as of next week I will be trying to build some character builds but they may not be perfect, will try my best to make them look good.

Once again anything I can change within production but I am interested in the Nemesis design from Resident Evil 3 so maybe something like that 'might make it to the final game.
Also keep a eye out for my game profile here

My final deadline for this game is around 23.5.11 so expect some thing around that time, If I get a stable build before then I may release a demo

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