I am a Return to Castle Wolfenstein fan, and a beginner at mapping. I started mapping in 2009, and have really improved since then. I couldn't have improved without the help of Vicpas and many other great people, but mainly Vicpas. I started this Mod DB account so my maps could have another home, and also to keep Rtcw fans informed on my progress with any projects I'm working on. My interests include mapping, world war two games, and computers in general.

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I'm back again with news about my project called Castle Wewelsburg! Today, I've finally finished the intro OSA cutscene level (for now). I say for now because the project as a whole is a WIP (work in progress). For the time being though, I'm satisfied with it.

I would like to thank Vicpas (Vicente Pasquino) for testing the intro cutscene level as he found some errors and gave me some improvements to make. Don't worry; as I always do with my projects, I will have some private testers get some testing done. This will come later however, since I want to get all levels completed before full-scale testing commences.

I'm happy to announce that Castle Wewelsburg will be several levels long (more than the usual 2 or 3 levels that I've done for my previous works). In total, you can expect about 5 maps (including cutscene levels), but more may be added later. We will see.

The work that I've done with the intro OSA cutscene can be found on the images tab of the project's page here on Mod DB. There are several updated screenshots there, so go check it out! Since the intro cutscene is finally finished (for now), I can now start on the playable levels very soon. Look forward to it!

There's one last thing that I want to mention for this update. 2 people have joined Ronboy Productions: Titeuf-85 and Pingvin55555. I would like to thank both of these people for showing interest in joining my company, and assisting me in however they want to. As I said on the previous update here, feel free to join Ronboy Productions (or spread the word), because I won't be able to bring Castle Wewelsburg to the level of quality that I want it to reach without some help. It's time for me to improve my works as a mapper, and it's time for the Rtcw community to start working together even more.

That's all for this update. Thanks for your interest, and look forward to the next update!


Glad to hear it's progressing well! :) Totally agree w/ you when you say that it's time for the RTCW community to join efforts even more! Later this year I'll do my best to contribute to the development of Wewelsburg Castle, but also RTCW Remake Mod, ET-Legacy... and maybe one more mod. Can't wait to experience Castle Wewelsburg! Keep-up the good work. ;)

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ronboy Author

Thanks for your support as usual, Titeuf. As I've said quite a few times now, it's my dream to see some proper unification in the Rtcw community, and of course more activity wouldn't hurt.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to your assistance later this year.

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Glad to hear about the latest update, Ron, also the news about the amount of levels being created fot the project.

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ronboy Author

Thanks for your support. This will be my first project with more than 3 levels, which will be a daunting task. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to working on it, since I actually find mapping to be rather fun.

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