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Hello, I am a huge fan of Science Fiction, mainly star wars, star trek, battlestar galactica, Babylon 5 and stargate. I have only been a member here for a short time, and I have already played hundreds of awesome mods. I would like to hear any opinions on current events, or anything random. The community here is great, and I am glad to be a part of it, even if all the Battlestar Galactica mods have gone the way of the Dodo... :( Anyways, besides that, this is a great mod site, and I look forward to seeing what kind of mods there will be in the future, since mods are inching ever so closer to being exactly like commercial games. I am in college, studying business and programming, and I keep the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project Mod page up-to-date. Thanks for visiting my profile, and have a great day :)

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Hello there, random page viewer and friends alike,
As you all know, today is thanksgiving. By the end of the night, my goal is to be as stuffed as the turkey was... :P Unfortunately, I do have to work today, so I won't be able to say happy thanksgiving to everybody. Just because I don't say it, doesn't mean I DON'T want you to have a happy thanksgiving, on the contrary, I wish everyone here on Mod-Database a happy thanksgiving, and may your mashed-potato gravy runneth-over, and coat everything in a warm, tasty glaze.

A few of you may be happy to hear that I will be bringing my XML's to work, since half of our time will be wasted on a god-awful "Thanksgiving office party", however, I will get to eat dinner with my family before going back to work. Like I said, HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE! :D


Coud'nt have said it better myself
Happy Thanksgiving to you too bro!?

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romnus Author

Thank You! :D I did have a nice thanksgiving :)

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