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Lucasfilm insist on that they are there for us! If we reach out to Disney/Lucasfilm/EA and Sony in a large enough number perhaps there is a thiny chance that they will give SWG the same chance that SWTOR gets, a Free to play (F2P) option or give some of the real game codes to Project SWG.
We all know the truth, SWG was cancelled only because it would make SWTOR's chances bigger for success.

History Recap:

Star Wars Galaxies often referred to simply as SWG had a lot of excitement pre-launch just like SWTOR, the game launched in 2003 to a huge success competing strongly against WOW for a long time, until the NGE. SWG's base game was called "An Empire Divided" it was followed by 3 expansions: "Jump To Lightspeed" came in 2004 which introduced a combat system that was popular all until the end, not only ship to ship and mining but also big space battles against Star Destroyers or Mon Calamari Cruses.
The Second pack was "Rage Of The Wookiees" Which notably included the planet of Kashyyyk and Cybernetic player implants
In 2005 the launch of the last pack "Trails Of Obi-Wan" which notably included the ghost of Obi-Wan, the planet of Mustafar and HK-47 from the popular Knights Of The Old Republic game.

Shortly after "Trails Of Obi-Wan" the NGE was added in the game many people left and demanded their money back because of the big game chance. (look further on youtube and so for the details) SOE stood for their decisions which led to a downfall of the population of the game, but it still was going on for 6 years with the population accepting the change and people coming back and new players that didn't even try pre-NGE gameplay. Things like "The Battle of Hoth" and "Trading Card Game" were popular addition later on. Officially the game was cancelled in December 2011 because of low population and no profit, which for us that played the game in the late years know is a lie, the game was cancelled because of SWTOR.

What Are We Going To Do?

The closure of
Star Wars Galaxies was in contradiction to previous statements by LucasArts representatives going back as far as 2008 when LucasArts executive Tom Nichols stated regarding the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic: "We have many other features planned to support Star Wars Galaxies. We see no reason why the two games can't exist together." Lucasarts did close SWG because it wasn't up there with World Of Warcraft when SWTOR was going to begin, they lied to us. We need to do what we have in our power to bring the adventure back, it will make it if it goes F2P, Personally I think SWTOR is a good game but I miss the adventures of SWG as well. Project SWG is something but it isn't the same since it's a fan creation and not official.
Twitter Campaign:
We should approach Lucasarts and Sony/SOE with trends like #SaveSWG #Bring_Back_SWG #SaveStarWarsGalaxies


CaptainRegor Author

Nice going promoting the blog on twitter, first day and already 169 views, and the Clone Wars Quotes has been up since November and has 71! #SaveSWG

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Ah, I remember playing this game! the fun I had was amazing, =D Free to play would be awesome!!

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