I'm a longtime modder who has been on and off the scene for almost a decade. I started modding in 2000 starting off with Westwood Studios' Command and Conquer series. My first ever mod was a solo effort dubbed "Soviet Revenge" for Red Alert 2. Quickly after producing my first mod I met a team of the most skilled individuals I have ever worked with and lead development for a Red Alert 2 total conversion named "Warhammer 40k - Red Alert." With over 42,000 downloads this was by far the most successful and full-fledged mod I have been a part of. After the end of that mod and the decline of Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 as a modding platform I've made minor mods for other games. My most current mod was Final Fantasy Tactics: Rebirth, a modification of the PSOne game Final Fantasy Tactics.

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One of the most dear things to my gaming hobby is modification of older games from cartridge based systems. In particular I’m talking about the 8-bit to the 64-bit era of gaming. Those systems would include the NES, SNES, Genesis, Dreamcast, Saturn, N64, and PSX/PSOne. One of my favorite type of games from those eras was the side scrolling “beat ‘em up.”

This genre is largely neglected and dismissed now, and indeed many times co-op is not included with games at all – a veritable travesty. However on occasion I do stumble upon attempts to modify these older games (sometimes referred to in those communities as ROM hacking).

One of these modification projects actually ended up going far beyond a typical small modification and spawned a full on PC remake of a Genesis classic Streets of Rage. Featuring all the characters from the entire series, more enemies, more levels, multiple branching paths, and a slew of other
features plus their own mod tools this may be the most impressive and extensive project I have ever witnessed (in regard to 16-bit games).

If you have ever played the Streets of Rage series before then you would do yourself a favor by checking this game out. Made by BoMbErLiNk this polished remake of an old classic game comes full with character profiles, a separate downloadable soundtrack, mod tools, and a manual. In effect this is a perfect example of what a modification project or indie game should have at release. You can view the game and download it at Streets of Rage Dot Net.

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