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i know i can b a real pain in the butt when it comes to ideas but i just wanted to bring this up :)

i have had a boring week and although my drawing skills are not fantastic i have designed a new nid creature for you all.

i have named it the Slashrothrope. for several reasons 1: it sounds cool 2: i wanted to include the phrase 'thrope' in the name coz i like it, like in zoanthrope 3: it needs a long name coz its big k

below are some pics of it:

my orginal sketch showing the different parts and how to make it in model form.

i can sketch alright but colouring is another matter so i have made a representation on the computer in the colour schemes of the three main armies of the nids. (different poses too )

Kraken: posing :D

Levithan: screaming :O

Behemoth: stalking :devious:

it was designed to hunt down enimy snipers and scouts. it is fast and tough. but has no ranged wepons. it can creep and ambush enimies in close range. i designed it with the thought of it filing in one of the slots in the nids machine cult building as there is only one unit the carnifex, which uses up machine pop built from it. you could only build two or three perhaps and it would use 2 cap each or somthing.

just a thought to try and help. let me hear the your views on this. also if anyone is a good tabletop model convirter/builder feel free to try and make a model of the Slashrothrope as long as you credit me and post a pic of it here when ur done he he

enjoy, Hivemind :garg:

quote from SEKtorm3 on the comment/forum box

'Now hivemind thats pretty cool! I have no extra bits and am not a very good converter. So il be watching you guys and if one of you takes interest i hope you make one, a Slashrothrope. And mod team it sounds like a awesome addition to the game. I hope you take interest as well. '

just hope you can consider it, alot of thought went into asking, ty Hivemind :P

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you might have noticed i put 3 posts at ounce in the tyranid mod posts, go ahead and delete the second one if you want. thanks

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i have an idea for the mod (if i could be so bold)

the tyranid barracks has legs right? so it should be able to move on them.

if it's possible the barracks should be able to re-locate when a certain upgrade it reaserched. it should not be able to attack as it only a building.

just think about it ok? ty :)

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Dude, thats how the mod is, they havn't had a chance to make all the buildings = Nid buildings =/

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Ive downloaded the Tyranid MOd v0.213 but the buildings loooksl loke the biildings from the chaos spacemarines and the units too:How can i fix it?

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hey boss, jus need to know, if u can help me out. i have the "game of the year version" of DOW and i wanted to know two things. one if the tau and tyranid mod would work and if so how do i put them in. so that about it. hope u can help.
thanks boss
_Captian Silver Star

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