What's up, all, I'm Woody, a wannabe indie game developer. I run a small multi-state "pub trivia" company and also invented a robotic gameshow host that runs live fully-automated Bingo games in bars and restaurants. My trivia nonsense pays the bills, but game dev is my true passion. I first got into games when my older brother got an NES for Christmas. One of my first memories is being at some department store with my mom, and she let me pick out a game. I couldn't read, so of course I went for the golden cartridge of The Legend of Zelda. I'd have to constantly call my mom into the den where the NES was to have her read the game text to me. May favorite games, in no particular order, have to be: Earthbound A Link to the Past X-Com 2 Shining Force (1 and 2) Final Fantasy Tactics Fallout New Vegas Rock n' Roll Racing Hogs of War Mega Man series (NES) Mega Man X 1-3 Super Mario RPG Lufia II

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