I've been gaming my whole life. I can't remember not gaming. Because of this the gaming world means a lot to me. I am very passionate about the games I play and the industry behind them. It is because of this that I have been seeking out the developers and publishers that I find to be working towards a gaming world that is fun and lets everyone involved have a say in the game process. I've been slowly moving towards the indie side of gaming for a long time. I find the majority of games and gamers to be offensive and just bland replicas of everything else. I don't judge people on class(unless you're rich), race, religion, sex, gender, age, or who you love. I won't game with people who do. I've been trying to find people and places to share gaming with that are understanding of the gaming industry and are willing to take a stand against things that make the gaming world less than wonderful. Gaming can do so much, yet I see so little coming from the mainstream.

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