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I am going to create a one-level-game based on the training level from the original FarCry game. I started this project back in 2009 when I was living in India and abandoned it. The idea never left me though and after spending a few years in Australia I am now in Beograd and decided to have another go at this. I am going to document the work on this in detail and thought I should have a thread for the project here. The whole thing is a bit out of date since I will be using cryengine 2 but who knows - some folks might find it useful.
Last week I setup an ancient rig to get started and pulled the training level height map from the FarCry game to use as base terrain. The story is set 12 years after someone blew up Jacks boat and kicks off with a patrol drone locking in on a Trigen implant signal and then witnessing the annihilation of a ground patrol by this 'survivor'. Inside the mountain 'range' on that level is Kriegers 'lab zero' which went into automated AI governed shutdown 12 years ago because 'something' happened. The Trigen incident (transmitted by the drone via ancient satellite uplink for exactly this case) triggers the deployment of Krieger Corp Mercs to retrieve something from the lab since there 'might' be a way in now...
I want to have the nano suit so I will have to figure out who sent the player (preferably not a giant defense organization though). The patrol could be from the Korean army who might have a small base on the island for some years and who are unaware of the existence of the lab. With that I would have 4 factions (Trigens, Mercs, Army and Player) and a level split into outdoor recon and lab infiltration. Grand Finale could be the Koreans bringing in fighting drones to seal off the island for good after they realize what is going on. They would leave before activating the robot sentries and leave the Mercs and the Player scrambling to get out alive... Something like that. Clean and simple.
I will post at least once a week on the progress and hope that you enjoy this. Keep in mind that confidence is the feeling I have before I understand the situation.
thank you for having me.


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