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Greetings, stranger. Welcome to my page. I am Ori'verda AKA Milos and I currently live in the Netherlands. I like games, girls, books, movies and teamwork. Also I enjoy discussing about religion, politics, history and such affairs. And ignore the fact that a lot of my groups are Science-Fiction related, I love Sci-Fi for good reasons! ☢ ☢ ☢ P.S. The video with the redhead is not porn! I may be a crazy Serbian but I'm not that crazy. Besides that I'm a goof, in fact to show you I am going to fill up the my description with random banter, why? Yeah you guessed it, I'm not that strange or weird it is in fact to get a HTML code to work, if you don't know what that is good luck. Regardless I suppose I should continue filling out this description field according to that manual so I can get a cooler description, I don't know if that makes sense to you but according to the manual it works so it must work right? Well it should otherwise you would not be seeing this.

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Maxim TELOS armour
Image & Details
The custom set of armour created specifically for Deus Dai with advanced features. Mobile yet durable where it counts, it is designed for melee battle.

Drachen Dämmerung
Image & Details
Dragon's Dawn is an energy greatsword made out of a priceless and unique alloy, weighed down by common durasteel for added force.

Golem Type-09 Elements
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It's a mech, simple as that.


Bianca Dai
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The head-strong, Mandalorian disciple of Deus Dai. As beautiful as she is deadly. Behind the arrogant smirk lies a dark history.

Xep Vrannican
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A Nexus Enclave by-the-book officer serving with Deus Dai.

Kad Aranov I - II - III - IV - V - VI
Strategos I - II - III - IV
Besbe'trayce I - II

Prestige Class: Swordsmaster
Ultimate Class: Legendary Swordsmaster

Spare Points: 5.
Spent Points: 34.
Slots: 12 (of 12).

Character Summary

Born on Mandalore to the last Mandalorian Emperor, Cassus of clan Vohn vowed never to repeat the mistakes of his forefathers and so dismantled the remnants of the Hegemony. In time he renounced his title, Ori'verda, and left behind his Mandalorian heritage in a quest for redemtion. He was named Deus and leads the Arbiters of Dai.

The Story of Cassus Vohn

Cassus Vohn, the descendant of Tiroc Vohn and Aurren Sung. Cassus grew up during the final days of the Second Mandalorian Empire and fought at the battle of Tanaab against the New Galactic Empire. During that heavy trench battle, Cassus watched as many of his brothers died against the endless horde of Stormtroopers and walkers before the planet was eventually abandoned to the Empire due to sheer number of sustained losses the Mandalorians suffered, nevertheless Cassus believed he had inflicted his share of casualties on the Empire and was given a many medals commending him as a hero and defender of the Mandalorian Empire.

But in his heart he stopped believing the way of a Mandalorian Empire. Eventually the Empires had beaten each other to a stand still at the cost of much territory having been lost to the New Galactic Empire whom in exchange suffered enormous casualties.

During this pause Te Strategos Mand'alor passed away, Cassus was present at the funeral with his aunt Deynna and mother Aurren. Among others was the warrior who would later be known as Vivec. Whilst people quarrelled about a successor, Vivec grabbed his chance and unveiled the Shock Trooper Codex. Many of the loyal Imperial Mandalorians declared Vivec a heretic and demanded he would be punished but as the Imperials moved against Vivec they were met with his Shock Trooper army. The Mandalorian Civil War had begun and first to fall was Concard Dawn.

Despite not actually disagreeing with the tenets of the Shock Trooper Codex, Cassus was pressed into the side of the Imperial Mandalorian due his heritage, during the war Cassus was hailed as a hero among the Imperials as he was the descendant of a long lineage whom found the Mandalorian Empires, but his mantle as the Mandalorian Empire's saviour was short lived.

As the battles raged on across the bleeding Mandalorian Empire. Cassus made a final stand against the fanatical Shock Troopers commanded by Vivec at the stronghold of Dxun. The large facility held a battered Mandalorian regiment that was besieged by artillery for several weeks, food was running low and ammunition was almost depleted. Then came the charge of the Shock Troopers, they overwhelmed the weary defenders and breached the perimeter. All around him soldiers perished and his Basilisk war mount was destroyed, leaving him to stand alone on the front line. Many of his brethren were either killed, captured or sent to the infirmary. As the swarm of Shock Troopers seemed to stop a wing of Besu'liike reigned down a hailstorm of shockwave bombs which sealed the fate of Cassus as another prisoner.

Instead of death. Cassus, along with many other former Imperial Mandalorians, was exiled. He was unable return home and the New Galactic Empire did not forget or stop to allow the reeling Mandalorins to rebuild like they had. Forever Cassus would feel guilt for his inability to help his misguided Shock Trooper brothers and save their homeworld of Mandalore when the New Galactic Empire finally returned and captured it after a prolonged battle. The capital of the Mandalorian Empire had fallen and with it. The Empire of Mandalore was destroyed, scattering the Clans.

In his exile he trained constantly, bidding his time. Cassus traveled the galaxy for knowledge and work. He studied about the various fighting forms, weapons and cultures of the galaxy, the Echani, Arkanians, Followers of Palawa, Noghri, Hapans, Hutts and Tionese caught his attention. Their cultures varied and rich. Cassus was determined to learn as much as he could when he wasn't working as a mercenary in service of Jola the Hutt, Mythus Hunt or Edom Drath.

The wealth he accumulated from running the various errands of the gangsters and warlords. Would always be invested into upgrading his weapons, armor and ship. Whatever remained after that was spent on knowledge of the cultures that took so much of his curiosity.

Jola the Hutt had the Mandalorian travel into the New Galactic Empire in order to assassinate a rogue operative intent on selling Hutt Cartel data to the Empire. The operative proved to be an expert pilot and managed to shoot down the Davaab Cassus was in but not before Cassus had disabled his opponent's starfighter as well. Groundside the rogue Hutt Cartel operative was no match for the Mandalorian mercenary and the data was secured soon after. Stuck on Corellia with no transport Cassus requisitioned a new one to be constructed for him. The result is the one of a kind Action-Mando'ad XX Transport-class that Cassus nicknamed Chariot.

Another mission brought him to an abandoned WoutenWarship Corporation warehouse. His target had wounded and disarmed the Mandalorian and so Cassus retreated into the facility to recover. It was there he found the Mandalorian Combat Weapon series model 101. An unfinished prototype. Using the tools at the warehouse he was able to complete the design just as his target tracked him down for a final stand off. Equipped with the MCW-101 the kill was made by Cassus.

After long the whispers of a new Mand'alor reached his ears. Talk of an armed uprising against the Empire inspired him to abandon the exile and return to his homeworld even if death awaited.

Cassus took the moniker "Krayt" and was at the rally of the Mandalorians and witnessed as they chose the new Mand'alor to lead them, Te Mav Mand'alor. Krayt was selected to ride a Basilisk War Droid into battle and served personally at the side of Te Mav Mand'alor. That day he destroyed the bridge of an Pellaeon Star Destroyer and was part of the charge Mand'alor led on the flagship of the Imperial Fleet where Te Mav Mand'alor died. They exchanged a few final words.

Mand'alor asked Krayt if he had any confession to made. It was clear what Mand'alor meant. Cassus admitted to his true identity and heritage. Te Mav Mand'alor reminded him of his predecessors, of his clan and how each of those Mand'alore held the title of Ori'verda, which was the highest honor of his clan. The final words of Mand'alor involved declaring Cassus Vohn Ori'verda.

Ten years after the battle, Ori'verda had returned to honing his skills and rallying support from his clan and others. He got reacquainted with his old friend from the Second Mandalorian Civil War, Corden Vencu, whom had served with him on Dxun. The two became great friends once more.

Meanwhile, on Onderon became an independent sector once more, the powerful Judos family, some of the richest nobles in the Galaxy, bought the Onderon sector, proclaiming themselves the new Royal Family of Onderon and promising the people that they would rebuild and improve the planet. For the first several years this promise was kept and Onderon's infrastructure was improved tenfold. That was until a new and young King ascended to the throne, in his brashness King Yon started to oppress the people, in order to subdue a conspiracy.

The Onderonians called upon the Mandalorians for aid. Ori'verda answered this call and rallied others to join him, with Corden in tow the two managed to convince a large portion of the Mav Battlegroup of the remnant Mandalorian navy and invaded Onderon.

Ori'verda took command of this force, leading them personally from the frontlines. He had his soldiers first attack the wall from range and pierce it while from orbit a swarm of Buzz Droids sabotaged the city like locusts, after this a group of Mandalorian paratroopers rained down from the sky and carved their way to the citadel of Iziz, hoping to find the King there and end the conflict quickly.

Whilst Ori'verda was not able to prevent King Yon from being killed, he managed to capture a great deal of the royal family before they dead in the crossfire. Much of the Onderonian soldiers were purposefully stunned or otherwise disarmed.

Back on Mandalore he entered the Gauntlet in order to train himself and prove his worth, during the many matches he bested many warriors and had slain many beasts in death matches. Others had come to respect him enough to let him command them in the ring, it was during one such time that a mad Zakkeg nearly killed the other warriors had Ori'verda not ordered them to take cover and raise stakes, killing the beast.

Later during the same match, a Krayt Dragon took to the rings and engaged Ori'verda whom entered the beast through its mouth and found its weakspot, killing it swiftly. Even though credit was given to Corden who simply stabbed the beast whilst humping it like a rodent.

Ori'verda climbed out of the dragon and took with him a Krayt dragon pearl.

His final match started against an unknown adversary, after a brief but fierce struggle Ori'verda had managed to hit the warrior who was revealed to be a Sith. The Sith had received near fatal injuries from Ori'verda at range, with his remaining strength he pulled in in effort to take the Mandalorian down with him. Toppled onto his back, Ori'verda had to quickly raise his arm at the Sith and shoot his wrist blaster to save his life.

With the Sith dead, Ori'verda gave a speech to the Gauntlet's crowds and proclaimed himself to be Mand'alor.

Much like Onderon had needed his help, Dathomir called upon the Mandalorians to save their world from a mysterious threat. With little hesitation or thought the Mandalorians of the Mav Battlegroup rallied to Ori'verda's call and embarked upon their neighbouring world of Dathomir, intent on saving the native Witches.

Ground side, the Steel Talons of the 174th Legion landed in a Dathomirian village that quickly found itself under attack. The Witches aided by Mandalorian heavy armor and flamethrowers repulsed their enemy and drove them from the region.

The men battled with vigour, their commander was with them. Leading by example Ori'verda fought valiantly against his monstrous counterpart of the battle, or at least what he assumed was the commander of the mysterious primitive adversary his warriors now battled.

In the aftermath, the clan mothers of Night Sisters. swore fealty to Ori'verda if he would swear to keep Dathomir save from any threat and if he would annihilate the aggressive and mysterious enemy that was so driven to destroy the Night Sisters.

With the galaxy at an uneasy peace and his plans being carefully laid out, Ori'verda exploited the sudden influx in free time and hearkened back to some of his earlier plans. One such plan included paying a visit to the snow and frost covered world of Arkania, home to the Arkanian race of white-eyed and white-haired humanoids. His interest in such a desolate place was not just due to the role the Arkanians played during the Mandalorian Wars, many decades ago. No, Ori'verda was in search of mythical beasts known as Arkanian Dragons.

Arriving on the Chariot and quickly brushing off nosy Arkanian guardsmen, he made his way into the vast frozen tundra and the never ending blizzards. Despite having prepared for the cold, the blizzard forced Ori'verda to seek refuge in a mountain.

Deep inside the mountain, he would face Arkanian Dragons and battle them. Alone and deep inside enemy territory, Ori'verda was eventually forced to leave. Using his jetpack, he collided with a large Arkanian Dragon and woke up in its lair, the dragon recruited Ori'verda in its effort to reclaim their homeworld.

The dragon's name was Dhra'cyn'hal, leader of an army of Arkanian Dragons. Despite their best efforts and relative early success the Arkanian Dragons lost the battle of Arkania and Dhra'cyn'hal was left mortally wounded, to be taken care of by Ori'verda. The two have shared a special bond ever since.

Another private adventure took the warrior to Honoghr to learn the Stava, a martial art style developed by the native Noghri. Quickly upon arriving on the world, the over cautious reptilian race took to fighting Ori'verda in effort to keep him out of their business.

While most other outsiders would be easily deterred by the mere appearance of a Noghri, the defiant Mandalorian stood his ground and defeated many a Noghri in armed combat. It was only after explaining his wish to master their unarmed combat style and demonstrating his ineptitude when unarmed.

Outmatched by the powerful Noghri, they accepted him for his show of humility. His instructor was ruthless, for that he had the respect of Ori'verda. His training included more then just the regular unarmed style, the art of throwing weapons and other methods favored by assassins was drilled into Ori'verda.

It would take a long time but when Ori'verda left Honoghr he had mastered the Stava.

Last on his to-do list was the Echani fighting style known as Echani, and whom best to learn it from then the Echani themselves. Ever since the Empire devastated their original homeworld and mercenaries had burned their new colony, the Echani were mostly nomadic whilst still maintaining outposts and slowly rebuilding their planets.

The Echani operated a reconstructed academy on Old Eshan, though many instructors were killed or have left, it was still the best place to master their art. Similar to the Noghri, the Echani were skeptical of an outsider wanting to learn the skill and it was only after demonstrating his mastery of the Stava and defeating several less experienced Echani in combat that he was accepted, albeit under guard.

Ori'verda's eagerness to learn led to him being expelled from the academy, under fire, Echani use their martial art style as a way of communication and prolonged sparring sessions are often used as a courtship with others, so when the Mandalorian sought to hone his skill by fighting the daughter of a aristocrat, he was cast out and hunted by Echani guardsmen.

His level of mastery with Echani martial arts is at expert level, but Ori'verda is not a master by far.

Upon returning to his people, everything had been prepared. Meetings with the Verpine, Dathomiri, Onderonians and some other beings had gone well and all had agreed to support the Mandalorians in their latest venture. The Mandalorian Hegemony had been established.

Soon after the announcement, Ori'verda set out with elements from the Mav Battlegroup to convince other peoples and worlds to join the Hegemony. This was met with considerable good reactions, despite the presence of a Mandalorian assault force looming over the diplomatic meetings.

The Mandalorians rarely had fired their weapons, and as done at Onderon only in defence without intent on killing. The diplomatic meetings went well due to the charisma of Ori'verda and his promises of great economic welfare.

These promises were made possible by the Mandalorian Stabilization Act, piracy was actively being dealt with, taxation and commerce pacts made to ensure stability and eventually prosperity for the Hegemony.

To strengthen the position of both himself and the fledgling Mandalorian Hegemony and to modernize existing assets, Ori'verda engineered Project Phoenix. Named so after the Akaan Galaar, which translates into War Hawk. The success of the project can be attributed to a small group of individuals besides Ori'verda himself, architect, mastermind and executioners were all needed and he found those in the leaders of the WoutenWarship Corporation, BeskadTech and officials from member worlds.

Project Phoenix became a shared project, its goal to turn the Hegemony into a powerful faction without equal. Though an vast, untold amount of wealth was spent from the treasury to fund it, the corporations that aided in devising the Project aided in funding it.

The project was divided into several phases, the first was the construction of the Vencuyanir Battlegroup. This force consisted of new, modern designs, provided by great thinkers, designers and engineers.

Running almost concurrently was the second phase, which consisted of the construction of the Akaan Galaar itself. It would act as the mobile heart of the Mandalorian Hegemony and flagship of its military, as well as be the most powerful warship fielded by the Mandalorians to date. The redprints are classified, as is its designer.

With the completion of the first phase and nearing the completion of the second, Phase Three was initiated and the most difficult part of the Project began. Installing new defences across the vast amount of worlds the Mandalorian Hegemony had swayed to join proved difficult for numerous reasons, there were monetary concerns, political crisis and time constraints. But in the end it strengthened the Hegemony and ensured its safety.

And lastly the final phase consisted of modernizing the old Mav Battlegroup, which existed out of warship and vehicle designs that were several decades old. Many warships and tanks were used in battles stretching as far back as the war with the Empire, the Mandalorian Civil War and the Uprising as well as the battles of Onderon and Dathomir and the Mandalore Campaign. So some were instead left drydocked to be remembered and used again should the need arise.

During a routine inspection of the unfinished Akaan Galaar Star Dreadnought, an old friend met up with Ori'verda. Corden challenged Mand'alor to a duel on the warship. Unable to pass up the opportunity at testing his skill against a warrior of equal merit, Ori'verda accepted.

To his surprise, Corden first tested the warrior in a battle of wits and intellect. They played Achilrance Cared Ghame, an ancient game of strategy and luck. Vencu had him cornered at one point, having played this game for an untold amount of years and challenging the relatively fresh Mand'alor gave him a clear advantage, nevertheless, in the end Ori'verda won by relying on a risky gambit known as the Forbidden Eksodai tactic.

Corden flared up and went in for a physical confrontation, the battle ensued and stretched a great deal of the warship. Taking place at areas that were in various states of construction and even in the vacuum of space several times, but in the end Corden was defeated by sheer fatigue as the relatively small Ori'verda time and again evaded Vencu's brutal attacks.

After the duel on the Akaan Galaar, all records of the battle were reviewed and analyzed by Ori'verda. During the fight he noted several flaws in his combat style when fighting an adversary of equal stature. Precise shots would tear up his flak vest easily, his visor lacked the software needed for analysis of the combat situation and surroundings and lastly, in the zero gravity environment of the Akaan Galaar's unfinished skeleton he was worthless as a warrior.

Ori'verda contacted the Federation leader and chief executive officer of Auricom, Praxis, in order to strike a deal. In exchange for a handsome reward, the technocrat would provide dedicated and highly advanced software for Mand'alor only and so was created Scar. Scar, an artificial construct, was extremely powerful and highly capable of managing the energy of his master's beskar'gam and hack into nearly any computer system.

Solving the zero gravity and flak vest tearing problems was easier, magnetic boots and a force shield were installed.

Great Hunt was called, it echoed across the stars and many answered the challenge, both Mandalorian and outsider. The rewards were great honor, rank and loot, tripled if using the mass-produced ancient Mandalorian equipment provided. The tournament would be held at Dxun, one of the most dangerous worlds in the galaxy. Riddled with beasts that can snatch a warrior from the dense jungle, lift him into the air and break the toughest of armor to reach for the softer innards inside.

And so it was that Ori'verda entered the Great Hunt, not interested in loot or rank, purely the kill and honor. Much to his disgust however, all that he could find was Cannok and old war wounds.

Early on the filthy pests outnumbered and pinned Ori'verda, wounding him greatly and forcing him to retreat to basecamp a lot sooner then initially planned and with little honor to show for it.

For too long had anti-Hegemony organizations plagued the innocent citizens despite the best efforts of the military, auxilia and the Chaa'sad. Most of the time the rogues and scoundrels would flee into neutral systems and seek safe-haven there.

Finally the call for immediate action was agreed upon and the Mav Battlegroup scrambled and entered the nearby sector of Ruusan. Despite best intentions the stubborn and corrupt leadership of the sector had opted to face off against the Battlegroup. At Randon, Dreysum, Chalacta and Ubrikkia the united military of Ruusan met their fate but when the Galactic Empire arrived over New Apsolon with their misguided sense of justice they were met with the cunning wits of a brave Mandalorian commander. The task force sent there escaped and the Mav Battlegrou regrouped.

In secret another Battlegroup took over the operation and pressed the charge home and smash through the defenses of Ruusan. However this proved to be a difficult task given the shield generator and home advantage of the Ruusan military. Slowly but steadily the Hegemony secured the capital and won. Ruusan had fallen and the process of removing the corruption of the criminals had begun.

For months the member worlds of the Hegemony had pressed the Council for more independence. All the while unrest grew in the Hegemony as various terrorist groups wrecked havoc within and without the borders of its sovereign territories. Straining the thinly spread Cha'saad.

What came next none would have dared to guess. During a routine session with the delegations of the entire Hegemony a daring raid was launched on the Assembly Building by T'Rani Stargazer, a gone rogue Galidraan Ranger, along with several squads of Rangers. T'Rani was bent on destroying the Hegemony by revealing its leaders as pathetic weaklings and mewling infants with her main target being the Mandalorian who began destroying her culture. Ori'verda.

Despite the best efforts of the Shock Troopers and Ori'verda along with the Arkanian Dragon, Dhra'cyn'hal, the Rangers succeeded in destroying the Assembly Building and escaping.

In the aftermath of the Ranger attack on the infuriated worlds that were part of the Hegemony to break away from Mandalorian rule. The new delegates gathered around the ruined remains of the once proud Assembly Building and demanded that Ori'verda show himself. Instead he sent another Mandalorian to replace him for the end result could not be avoided.

One by one the delegates announced ineptitude of their Mandalorian protectors and declared them unfit for rule. For if the Mandalorians could not defend their homeworld or keep their own people united then what hope was there for the other worlds with them in control. Only the Verpine of Roche choose to remain because of their long-existing strong ties to the Mandalorians. It was agreed however that the Mandalorians be allowed to maintain their bases on Dxun, in the Onderon sector, and Galidraan, in the Rhen Var sector.

Furthermore the division of the military has been completed. Although there are many whom object the Mandalorians were allowed to keep the Akaan Galaar and Mythosaur Star Dreadnoughts along with the majority of Taung, Gauntlet and Tracyn warships which form the new Parjai Battlegroup. The 72nd, 105th and 174th Legions have been recalled to Mandalore without its Auxilia complements. The old Mav Battlegroup was split among Onderon, Bonadan and Telos. The Shadow was given to Bonadan.

The taste of failure was fresh but a Mandalorian has no time for the past. Instead of allowing it to haunt him Ori'verda was determined to grow and become stronger before returning to a simple life of a mercenary for hire.

After having fought dozens of battles and practising nearly day and night between conflicts the difficult to master art of the Katana Beskad fighting styles his ancestors left behind were finally part of Ori'verda's arsenal. He rediscovered the four stances that revolved around using Runikal. Crimson Dervish, controlled aggressive precision. Tranquil Cleave, unbeatable defensive guard. Iron Phoenix, ferociously unpredictable adaptability. Decisive Judgement, overwhelming brutal death and Sundering Weave, uncoiled vengeance reciprocated. Though despite these tactical advantages the danger of using Runikal, the Soul Blade, remain.

Nevertheless the knowledge of the ancient Mandalorians of his clan have finally become his and Ori'verda joins the ranks of the old master swordsmen of Mandalore whose history date as far back as the Taung Crusades.

In order to cleanse himself of the humiliations that became known as the fracturing of the Hegemony. Ori'verda decided to use his new found mastery of the sword in a primal hunt in the Veshok tree forests of Mandalore. Equipped with only his beskad and some light training armor Ori'verda traversed the dangerous terrain with ease. Many Shatuale, Jai'galaare and Strille fell to him but when he discovered a little Strill pup had followed him he decided to pick up his pace and see how long the critter could stalk Ori'verda as its prey.

Ori'verda trekked deep into the next region and entered a jungle of Galek trees, Vhe'viine scurrying beneath the Amber ferns. Still the little Strill pup gave chase. It and Ori'verda came across a massive clearing that held the remains of a Mythosaur, covered in Vormur blooms as armor and crown. Finally, Ori'verda stopped. He waited for the pup to emerge and combat it but instead he was struck with guilt. The little Strill had carried the carcass of its parent. For the perseverance and morbid display of the Strill it was taken in as a pet by Ori'verda and named Lord Cronos after the Sith Lord of the same title.

Ori'verda returned to Eshan and its famed academy in the hopes to resume his tutelage there despite the less than peaceful exit strategy he had to employ last time he was studying under the Echani. The Echani however did not forget nor forgive Ori'verda despite his recent renown. To the Echani he was still the same brat whom courted one of their noblest of children with selfish desire to advance his knowledge.

Despite their objections ad aggression the now very experienced Mandalorian was able to stave off the Echani guardsmen until the fight drew the attention of the academy's foremost masters. Swayed by the arrogant display of the Mandalorian they accepted him back under the condition he refrained from sparring against the same partner more than thrice. Under these terms Ori'verda resumed his training and finally mastered the Echani fighting style.

He also met once more with the aristocrat maiden and humbly apologized.

Finally, the moment had arrived for Ori'verda to truly test his mettle. One of the most infamous and deadly fighting styles ever developed was within his reach. Teräs Käsi along with all the Nine Edicts and Stances. Gaining entrance and being admitted to the prestigious training halls of Bunduki wasn't easy even when demonstrating his eagerness to learn and what he had already known. The Followers of Palawa demanded that Ori'verda seek enlightenment first through patience.

At the foot of the hall he knelt for close to a month in meditation without ever rising from his position. Not even for food. The rain being the only thing providing substance to him.

After this the Followers of Palawa finally accepted Ori'verda among them, with reluctance. That reluctance turned into admiration as time progressed and the Mandalorian became a master of Teräs Käsi.

The Hutts allow few to join their rank and only the most ruthless can aspire to become a major player in the underworld and crime lord. Founder of the Guild and a veteran of untold wars, Mythus Hunt was a former employer of Ori'verda and had recalled one of his most famous hunters for a final job of mutual interest. Although Ori'verda loathed to deal with Mythus only this crime lord had information that would lead him to vengeance on the one whom destroyed his world, T'Rani Stargazer. In exchange for this information he had to eliminate the Demon of Iego whom was also known as the politician Golrin Nunes.

With haste the Mandalorian made his way for Iego and infiltrated the governmental palace through its underground and accessed the security whilst also attracting the attention of every law enforcers and soldier for miles around the compound. Having extracted the information he needed Ori'verda made his escape by blasting a crater through several levels of the facility. With the knowledge he gained from security and the distraction he caused the way towards the Demon of iego was clear and free of bothersome extras.

At least that was the idea. Inside the bunker complex of Golrin Nunes was another hunter whom crossed blades with Ori'verda and withstood his attacks without ever counter-attacking. In different light it was revealed that this hunter was a very peculiar Mandalorian of some kind and as the Demon's droid army marched in they were forced to join arms and fight against this onslaught until yet another party intervened and turned the droids against their former master.

Enter Kingpin. The overseer droid made an offer to the other Mandalorian come to be known as the Jester that he could not resist. Meanwhile Ori'verda was unmoved by the arrogant flaunting of power and the sway of disloyalty. At the very least Mythus knew respect for Ori'verda.

Mission accomplished and the location of T'Rani Stargazer revealed. Korriban.

Wasting no time Ori'verda set a course for Korriban. So close to his final revenge against T'Rani Stargazer, so close to bringing justice and returning to a Mandalorian's peace. He arrived at the sleepy town of Dreshdae and went to the local cantina, The Drunk Side, in order to obtain information. The barkeeper pointed out the Sith could help out a lot and coincidentally a Sith just happened to be nearby, on Korriban of all places. Darth Lok along with his companion DI-1337 guided Ori'verda to the Tomb of Aloysius Kallig.

The approach to the Tomb was hazardous by itself as they were beset upon by the dangerous Pelko bugs but the insects were quickly burnt to a crisp by Ori'verda's wrist flamethrower. Meanwhile a pair of Hssiss ambushed the group from behind only to be destroyed by the droid, DI. Finally they entered the Tomb and found themselves at a crossroads where two paths diverged. Lord Lok followed a blooded trail whilst Ori'verda took the path of shattered rock only to found himself before a locked door guarded by two statues. Quickly he destroyed them in effort to open the gate but instead the tomb shook fiercely as a defensive measure. Luckily Lok returned soon and unlocked the doorway for them to pass.

Finally they reached the place where the Sith Lord slumbered inside his sarcophagus and surrounding them were T'Rani Stargazer and all her Rangers. Lok could only watch as T'Rani Stargazer, possessed by Darth Nox, not Aloysius Kallig, challenged Ori'verda to a duel. After a fierce battle she was defeated but the surviving Rangers jumped into action in effort to defeat the former Mand'alor. Wasting no time Ori'verda dispatched them easily.

In the end he was finally rid of his enemy and justice was dealt. He bid Lord Lok farewell and departed. During the entire incursion he felt a presence guiding him and directing him to the Korriban wastes. Ready to take upon another mission he did so with no rest.

Ori'verda returned to Choruk Yaim, the ancestral home of his clan to rest and train. But his mind was clouded with frustration of his own design. The Hegemony was disbanded and trillions of lives were spared a deadly conflict, the tense peace and border skirmishes of the now lawless space not withstanding. Despite his vow never to repeat the same mistakes of his forefathers he had done just that. He summoned a family friend, one whose wisedom had guided his forefathers to repent inspite of their primal nature.

Senator Mace Windu of the Federation arrived shortly. Over the course of a game of Chess they quarrelled over redemption and revelations and the state of the galaxy. The Mandalorian and the Jedi exchanged their personal histories, the Senator was not quite as keen to let go of his past.

In the end, just as during the Mandalorians Wars and the Great Sith War before that, the Jedi had triumphed over the Mandalorian. Then, Ori'verda revealed his secret oath of allegiance to the Order of the Sith Lords and pleaded with Mace Windu to help him seek redemption for the demons of his past that haunted his lineage.

Initially the Jedi Senator suggested to seek out the council on Eriadu and to meditate, to find inner peace and reflect on his past, but then darkness fell over Bastion and the surrounding worlds. Mace Windu rechristened Cassus of clan Vohn, the Mandalorian became Deus, the first of the Arbiters of Dai. An order dedicated to restoring peace, prosperity and harmony to the galaxy. With Deus at his side the senator formed his realm in the north to undo the damage done by the mysterious enemy.

Ori`verda Author

Hmh, and here I was thinking I could not turn this into a lengthy and good story.
Tyrval is definitely a good character.

Though I hate the name.

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I don't even know where to begin...

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Being the brilliant person I am, I accidently closed down the tab where I wrote all my reasons behind these "Suggested" changes.

- Armour: Chose 3 of the wrist functions to keep and; Chose between shield or Stealth.

- Assault rifle: Silencer? really?

- Katana thingy: Phrik alloy does not do what you think it does. It is merely resistant to lightsabes. Also, chose between Vibro and Energy Projector, and please provide source for the latter.

- Saber: Chose 1 crystal

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