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The indie game development group GEMS was established on the 21st of June, 2008 on Mod DB. Therefore, one year has passed since the founding of the group. A lot of stuff has happened both in public as well as behind the scenes during that year.

One major upgrade took place last December when our team grew in size and we made lots of modifications to our profile. These improvements include a header image, titles for the team members (coder, graphic artist, musician, etc.) and some minor things.

We made another improvement recently as we enhanced the organization and management of GEMS. This won't be seen by other people than the team members but these betterments surely speed up the development of our projects!

All in all, even though there aren't any important announcements nor releases from GEMS, the past year has had a significant impact on the team. I hope this was only the beginning and we keep on working on the projects as well as the group itself.

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