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New Logo and Summary Update (GEMS)

Rigelblast Blog

Last weekend the profile of GEMS went through a major update. We posted a new logo for the team and finally got rid of that old placeholder which promised the "proper pic" for quite some time. The new logo was carefully designed and I think it really represents us. In addition, we also updated the summary so now it reflects our current situation and shows what we are really working on at the moment.

There will be more updates in our profile soon so stay tuned.

One year ago...

Rigelblast Blog

The indie game development group GEMS was established on the 21st of June, 2008 on Mod DB. Therefore, one year has passed since the founding of the group. A lot of stuff has happened both in public as well as behind the scenes during that year.

One major upgrade took place last December when our team grew in size and we made lots of modifications to our profile. These improvements include a header image, titles for the team members (coder, graphic artist, musician, etc.) and some minor things.

We made another improvement recently as we enhanced the organization and management of GEMS. This won't be seen by other people than the team members but these betterments surely speed up the development of our projects!

All in all, even though there aren't any important announcements nor releases from GEMS, the past year has had a significant impact on the team. I hope this was only the beginning and we keep on working on the projects as well as the group itself.

"GEMS" is not dead!

Rigelblast Blog

It's over 5 months since a game and mod development and publishing group "GEMS" was established. However, there hasn't been any news or updates from our group since then at the moment. This doesn't mean that GEMS is dead, though - our projects, especially one of them, have progressed well during the last five months, but they aren't ready to be announced or published yet. I'm sure we'll release something next year.

GEMS - a new group established!

Rigelblast Blog

A new games and mods development team, "GEMS", was founded yesterday (June 21th) by Crux_Borealis and me. Our team aims to make various and versatile games and mods with new and unique ideas. There are two members in our team. I, Rigelblast, am mainly the coder, graphic artist and designer while Crux_Borealis is mostly the musician and a designer as well. Currently, we have no mods under development but there are two games, which will be offically announced as they are nearing completion. We hopefully give you more information when the time comes. Be sure to check out the profile of our group (

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