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So last night and today, I'm working on an improved introduction to the game. In the demo, there was one still image and some scrolling text. It was definitely rough, but it got the job done; or so I thought.

Many folks voiced that the text scrolled too fast. This was something I was worried about as even during playtests I had to stay focused and read quickly in order to get all of the scrolling text. So, to change that, I'll be using still images with static text and some neat backgrounds around the text. One such example being:

It's not pretty, but I feel it's fairly 8-bit and gets the point across. There will be at least 5 cards, including this one. This will lead to a more visual intro and should be on screen long enough for most people to read and comprehend it.

Now the kicker is figuring out how to skip it. Oh well, one thing at a time.

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