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How much is the importance of checklists during the management of a project?

Well, while I'm not so lover of strict roadmaps, which I don't believe in when it comes to solo projects, I have to admit that a simple, clear todo list can help during the final touches before the release.

I'm experimenting this with Beltham's Lair, which is my first public project huge enough to deserve such a treatment. Before lunch I was convinced to be at a few steps from the deadline, so I started to put down on paper the features I would like to reach and, surprise surprise, I ended with a 15 points list... not so much, but not so few neither.

Maybe I have to reconsider something in my planning, 'cause I feel I cannot get rid of none of those 15 points.

But I'm happy with my list, which contains now concrete steps and not things like "build the engine". Some are simple 30 min tasks, some other not, but they will mark the way for next week of development.

I only hope to get strict with them!

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Italian indie game hobbyist studio, focused on Flash and PC games. Currently working on Beltham's Lair, a 3D roguelike (PC).

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