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CQB : Close Quarters Battle Japan

Mod review

This review was written under the latest version 1.9 of the mod with not further addons installed.

Let me say first that CQB is a one of a kind mod. Why? Well, the first reason is is it features the Japanese Self-Defence Forces. Not many mods or even videos games do that, it is super rare nowadays. Second reason is it weights just about a half of a GB. For a game which average full mod has a weight of 2 gigs. Still being a lot of fun.

This mod is modern setting Japan under a terrorist attack (or really an large scale training exercise if you squint) which hits several urban and non-urban locations. The emphasis is on Close Quarter Battles. There are two main factions, “JPN” and “TERRO” which stands for the whole of JSDF and the terrorists which are op4. Black-clad, with red flags sewn on the back of the uniforms, using mostly Eastern military equipment and speaking in mixed English accent. Not much imagination was put into the creation of them, I believe. The 'good guys' are the Japanese of course, they are a mixed force in most maps. Ranging from regular infantry troopers to the actual SOF like the Marine operators which appear from time-to-time on some combat engagements. They all use Japanese gear specially made for the mod, have very good recorded voice overs and are the only team to make of armed APCs in support. The maps are very detailed and they are great, the desire to reconstruct actuals place in Japan is very well done. Had a blast driving around the streets of Katsura Town in the Type 96 WAPC blasting tangos away with the M2 HMG while my buddy vehicle commander with shooting away at the creeping terrorists from behind with his MP5A3 from unhatched position. This is a high graphical quality mod.

Onto the technical aspects. I haven't notice any serious bugs, crashes, wrong animations or other anomalies. This is a solid production. Custom sounds and models are working good. The only problems that I noticed is that there is a bug with missing names in displaying the kill messages when someone kills someone with a certain weapon in game. I must the AI is good, even surprisingly so. A lot better than in vanilla. It can advance slowly and cautiously, defending key objects and placing demo charges on enemy vehicles it cannot openly destroy.

Overall, this is a very good mod. I highly recommend it if you are looking for something new for your BF2 copy and like to play some SP matches too. Number 1 urban combat mod.


Battlefield 2: Bure baruta

Mod review

This review was written under the version released in December the past year along with the patch fix downloaded and included in.

BF2 Bure Baruta (Gunpowder Barrel) is a mod set in the modern times that depicts a new conflict in the Balkans between the Croats and the Serbs that is sparked in the Tovarnik-Sid border crossing point. It achieves that by taking the content from another BF2 modification, the Operation: Peacekeeper 2 and some maps from Point of Existence 2; which is now a long dead mod.

This is a mod that can be called a total conversion. The Croats and the Serbs both use a mix of modern and old '90's military equipment like the Zastava M70AB for the first and the PKM copy for the second. However, the Croatian Army uses a French-made FAMAS F1 assault rifle, probably a stand-in for the actual VHS-D rifle. Both sides use custom Balkan voice overs. Mechanized warfare is set a minimum, most engagements deal with infantry vs. infantry scenarios. Where there are any tanks or aircraft; it is most likely the Croatians will have them at disposal. The battles themselves deal with moving through deserted and destroyed urban areas to securing enemy occupied large forests. The general feeling of an Balkan conflict is mediocre, but it is just the first release.

Technically wise, the mod suffers from a number of drawbacks and bugs. Certain animations are just not playing, there are some weird skins or models often. The mod lacks a proper English translation as such map descriptions are written in Croatian only and so are the points of interest in the actual combat minimap/map. Examples of model anomalies are perhaps the weird view hand model for the Croatian SOF soldier and the pistol reload animation. The bots behave good, as they already do in the vanilla BF2 single-player experience. Good plus is the increased time of the hand grenade attack animation and the new stamina system.

Overall, it is a nice mod if you are looking for a Yugoslav Wars setting for your BF2 which is other than OPK2. It has many bugs and unfinished elements. On the top of that, it uses a lot of content from other peoples' works. I wouldn't honestly recommend it.


1936-1939 The Spanish Civil War

Mod review may contain spoilers

First of all, let me write this mod gets a BIG PLUS for being one of the EXTREMELLY SMALL section of mods that feature single-player missions, let alone a different war scenario and a full campaign of whooping 24 missions in total!

1936-1939 Spanish Civil War total conversion SP and MP mod takes you from the front lines of the World War II and into the years before it, into the Spanish Civil War. The mod has somewhat lacklustre level design and it shows, I saw lots of low quality weapon and grenade models especially but that is the issue. 36-39 SCW has an amazing story with believable characters that takes from the beginning and into the end of the Civil War into the boots or extremely different actors from each other ranging from a Moroccan “Regulares” regular colonial riflemen during who straight from the basic training in thrown into the revolution, a woman desperate to fight the Republic and the Communism and a foreign Italian soldier volunteer who fights for the control of strategic buildings in Madrid for the Nationalist side of the war. The cut-scenes are magnificently done, the voice is acting had surprised me in the beginning, it is very fitting for the scenario and there are no murmurs or microphone errors to be heard. Certain missions are preceded by a video which explains the situation in the country during that day like a historian. There is more given to the story, the emotions rather than the prolonged shooting and mass killings of dumb AI enemies. This mod is a unique treasure for the Call of Duty community.

Unfortunately such a mod still has it's issues. Crashes can occur sometimes during levels, movies at least in my part tended to freeze the game often. Not all dialogue or orders are translated into English. Knowledge of Spanish is somewhat required to fully understand the mod which is kind of natural. The action part of the gameplay is a huge bolt-action rifle heaven when 98% of AI troops overall are equipped only with Mausers! Filler text here


'Day of Infamy'

Mod review may contain spoilers

Day of Infamy is the second map in the serious of “what-if” Axis-based custom missions for Call of Duty 2. This time it takes you from the colds of the Soviet Union and into the beaches and houses of England during early June, 1944. The mod puts you in the boots of a yet another German soldier. This time he had barely escaped death when his landing vessel crashed in the beaches near a small town England called Angerville, an aptly named town IMHO.

The gameplay is similar to Red Square Massacre except there is more urban and house-to-house fighting in it. There are newer weapons present such as the MP-44 AKA StG-44 of which you receive nearly at the start. There are more kill zones, you will have to keep the helmet down and find out alternative routes more than in Stalingrad. Once again bosses appear and there are more combat vehicles than before. You still feel somewhat underpowered and abandoned by the rest of the Operation: Sealion forces. The SAS officers a la Captain Price do interestingly appear in a form of better armoured troopers which is kind of cool only if they weren't so straightforward. The biggest new addition to the mod is probably the custom music, too bad the concept of “memories” written in certain items of the surroundings was dropped.

It is a good custom mission mod overall, a little worst than Red Square Massacre in my humble opinion but still good. It's one of the very few SP missions made for Call of Duty 2 and a part of a pair in which you can play on the Axis side of war. I recommend it.


'Redsquare Massacre'

Mod review may contain spoilers

The review was written under the normal enemy health level version.

Red Square Massacre is more of a custom mission than a map, yet it contains some visuals and sounds from the Back 2 Fronts mod. The mod puts you in the shoes of an unnamed German soldier in the Wehrmacht, during the ending months of the Battle of Stalingrad. This time the history has changed and you are on the winning side, typical scenario for this author.

This mission is a pure example of non-stop FPS action very much in the style of Call of Duty. You are in combat ever since the first seconds of the mod, the Soviets are advancing en mass. There is very little breathing space as you are struggling to defend yourself, hide and pick out the enemy in the thick fog of war in the distance. In spite of the being on the winning side you seldom receive reinforcements. The mod is a story of a lone soldier who starts from being a fresh recruit brought in to reinforce the offensive that in the end turns into a battle-hardened tough soldier that destroys the Soviet hordes of the Red Army in Stalingrad, gets rewarded by the Fuhrer himself.

This is a great mod for those who want to experience the hard, gruesome inhumane fights that occurred during that battle, don't want to listen or read much about the storyline and likes to have the further misery portrayed in occasional memories masked as objects to be picked up by the game. For the best experience I recommend mixing it wit the B2F visuals and the Merciless mod and you get to know how they felt during those days in Stalingrad city.


Quake Remake

Game review - 4 agree

Please make it stop.


Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Game review - 4 agree - 1 disagree

It is a very bad, incomplete patch that turned into a full game. Very disappointing.

Although I never bought or played the game I decided to jump on the bandwagon and review bomb it. Guessing this destroys the sense of this review.



Mod review may contain spoilers

It adds zombies into the Battlefield 2 world. What else is there to say?


Gen Ost: The Fall of Berlin

Mod review

Gen Ost is probably the first released “what-if” late Cold War scenario mod for BF2. It is based upon a documentary the creator of the mod once saw and one a RTT game called World In Conflict plus it borrows heavily from other renowned BF2 mods such as Operation: Peacekeeper 2. Of course with permissions.

This is primarily a SP or Coop based mod with not much active servers or players, the gameplay is pretty like in the vanilla except much more streamlined, more deadly and there's a lot of more bullets flying around than in the vanilla version. Scenario is a Cold War gone into a real global war. Some maps take place in Europe where the NATO fights against the Soviets. NATO are, depending on a map a mingled bunch of soldiers from various countries but all speaking English. There's Norwegians on some snows maps and the French on one trench defending one. The Soviets are contrary to the description, a force of mixed NVA and Soviet Army combat elements which is sadly not that obvious at a first play. Soviets are strangely wearing the inaccurate TTsKO camouflage and most of faction's infantry weapons are unfinished or also inaccurate. There are maps that are a totally copied WiC missions but a nice homage.

Download & play it and you are looking for a gruesome demanding battle in where the opponent is often strong enough to route you out of your entrenched positions in less than 5 minutes. There are some crashes and bugs present hence it's a unfinished mod. Good mod.


Malyutka mini mod

Mod review

This is this kind of a small mod that does not really merit or require an expanded review because of visible reason. Still, ModDB imposed new rules upon exceptionally high or low review scores.

Malyutka Mod is a text-based realism mod that changes the units names in World In Conflict to their real counterparts. Examples are there's no longer the artificial segregation of tanks in medium and heavy tanks as now there's a proper MBT generation classification. Infantry descriptions are greatly expanded which actually does help the player understand their purpose better. This mod also fixes some bugs the game had before such as the wrong name for the Soviet repair tank or the problems with NATO units names. Good thing this mod is also fully compatible with the SP campaigns and missions which was IMO the purpose of it's existence. It is that worthy or recommended to play it online since it does not really change the gameplay to a noticeable amount.

This is a must download for all realism lovers in World In Conflict who want their units to have proper names as they were original.

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