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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly

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I say : This is the BEST & GREATEST polished STALKER mod so far i've known, i've already playing the other STALKER mod like : Last Day, CoM, MISERY, Lost Alpha, & CoC... these are great mod too, but sadly the development of these mod to the very final release is mostly stopped/abandoned, no more update to add something new to the mod, but thats okay, i understand that being a part of a dev team is not an easy job, so i say THANKS VERY MUCH for all of these person.

This mod bring back my "enthusiasm & hunger feels for tasting a new kind of experience" from this legendary game! And i would say thank you so much for the Anomaly's Dev team to keep STALKER alive until this year, 2019!

x64 bit engine is something new for me... i will always wait for the future update :)

oh yeah 1 wish from me: please dont abandoned this mod unless the very Final version is released.. Thank you!!!

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