He is the original clone commando. Because of RC-0001-Nick's exemplary combat skills, he has been promoted to GENERAL OF THE ARMY. RC-0001-Nick has a suit of armor that is much like a Republic Commando suit, fused with Iron man's Mark 2 armor. He is currently stationed on planet Earth in the outer rim sector, gathering intelligence for a future invasion Republic Invasion of the planet. >:)

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Well, I thought I might stop procrastinanting and finally update this thingy.

To start off, NO my story on Star Wars has not died. Because my writing was apparently really good, I have been invited to develop the script/storyline/levels for "Horizon", a game being developed by Wolf Pack Games. Now being a busy married college student, my personal story is hiatus.

If by any chance you are a modeler that is willing to work for free (yes free, this game in non-profit) then go to Shadowdude100's page and pm him to join. He will then question you on your personal background and experience.

Horizon is truly an amazing game and we have some incredible modelers. The game info can be found on the public page, if you search for Horizon under the games tab.

Now, I do have a chapter ready for publish. I will re-publish it (I had accidently deleted it and was unble to un-delete it) on the Alliance to Restore Cannon site (its undergoing renovations) within 2 weeks.

That's all for now, OH YEAH! Soon I will publish a few pics about my lego creations. I know Delta289 has been dieing to see them, but first I have to travel back down to Florida to get pictures of them. Though maybe my younger brother can take pictures of them and send them to me...hmm...

RC-0001-Nick Signing off!


Legos...my favorite

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