He is the original clone commando. Because of RC-0001-Nick's exemplary combat skills, he has been promoted to GENERAL OF THE ARMY. RC-0001-Nick has a suit of armor that is much like a Republic Commando suit, fused with Iron man's Mark 2 armor. He is currently stationed on planet Earth in the outer rim sector, gathering intelligence for a future invasion Republic Invasion of the planet. >:)

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DAMMIT! I just posted somewhere...oh on this page...that my new story would be up today...that will not happen...My dad is a bit unorthodox. So he asked for the computer for a bit. (He's spending New Year's at my house) so I gave it to him, 2 minutes later he calls me over and said he found a file called Clone Wars (title of my new story) He said he read it and was surprised by the violence it had and that it was trash and that he...wait for it...DELETED IT!!! I AM SO FUCKED UP!!! I TRIED TO RECOVER IT BUT COULDN'T. Yes I tried every conceivable way and no I could not recover it. I understand why he deleted it...It was EXTREMELY GORY...and Vulgar...and it had quite a few sex jokes...um here was a bit of it that I remember typing...

Sev opened up the box that Delta Squad received. Inside he found several holomagazines. "What are these?" Sev thought aloud. Scorch, who happened to walk by right then said, "Oh Sev, um, those are mine!" Sev was curious and took one holomagzine before Scorch could get it. When he opened it, it said Twilek Exotic and had a Twilek in a seductive pose. Sev just glared at Scorch and said. "So that's why you spend so much time in the freshers" (bathroom in starwars).

Ok so it was sick, I admit, still he should have asked before he delted it! Now I have to start all over again so expect a new shortened story January 10th or later...I sorry for the inconvinience.

Oh yeah...I'll try and say this with enthusiasm. "Have a Happy New Year!"


Ouch. That sucks. Just one thing: tell me the character I made wasn't involved in any of these jokes, cuz that would be creepy ;)

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RC-0001-Nick Author

About that...yeah...*takes out official document*...*puts on glasses*...um...The official statement was that B4-D1 was not involved in any sexual jokes but might have been involved in several frightingly disgusting physical situations....

Just Joking...I had not thought about using your character in any joke until you mentioned it. Then I thought about how to use a droid in such a joke and then I...well...I ruined my mind...to say the least...so...um...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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haha, i love how realistic that story is.

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