He is the original clone commando. Because of RC-0001-Nick's exemplary combat skills, he has been promoted to GENERAL OF THE ARMY. RC-0001-Nick has a suit of armor that is much like a Republic Commando suit, fused with Iron man's Mark 2 armor. He is currently stationed on planet Earth in the outer rim sector, gathering intelligence for a future invasion Republic Invasion of the planet. >:)

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Okay...so...A while back I posted a fan-made story on my profile here on Moddb. It was widely popular and was part of the reason I gained popularity as quickly as I did. I have been quiet for several weeks since then and I took down the original story to prevent its speard. You may be asking already: "What I wanna read it!" Trust me its a good story but I have decided to extend to several chapters, and the original story became in conflict with the newer chapters.

Now before you go insane and wild over this, you must understand that it is a work in progress and IS NOT CANON...somebody told me my story was stupid because it was not entirely canon. Regardless I will be posting the first chapter on the Anti-Clone War group and on my personal page hopefully by January 15 2011 or at the latest January 22 2011.

Some people are anxious and will give me praise for my story...others will flame it. I hope you all do like it, and I must say that the one thing that will bring it down is that for one...the CIS is completely changed (they use the same droids and weaponary but their leaders changed) and that it borrows heavily from other movies and other video games...etc. But hey, its a good story and it'll help procrastinate your homework.

For now that's all.


Yes! I can't wait for this one. Keep up the great work!

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