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I believe people need to be blunt in order to effectively critique something these days. I mean, diamonds encrusted in shit is still going to be shit. Shit that has perfume sprayed all over it is still shit. You can’t just keep sugarcoating things just so you won’t hurt other people’s feelings. Otherwise it‘s just going to end up flat on it‘s face. Won't they feel embarrassed then?

I learned that I have to leave my emotions at the door when it comes to creating something, so I won’t end up getting my feelings hurt. Because as far as I know, there is always going to be that one guy who doesn't share the same view as the others. I have seen my share of horrible models or textures in some mods. I don’t usually say anything, but when I read a comment where someone say, "omg its awsome!" and the creator agrees that its awesome, they are either A. saying it in sarcasm or B. they are absolutely insane.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand people can only be so skilled at something. But if the creator thinks there is nothing wrong with it, then there is something wrong with the creator.

So stay blunt!


Be frank. Let people know their place.

If you can't take harsh criticism, you won't make it in this line of work.

You think your models good? You think your texturing is insane? Post it on CGtalk, one of the harshed websites on the net. Then will you truly see how good your work is. (also: DO NOT POST A FEMALE CHARACTER UNLESS YOUR REALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING. Unless you enjoy being torn to pieces a dozen times over. Prepare to read essays on your failure)

Just an example of what you can expect.
TopicStarter: "I've been working on this model for awhile, and hope I can improve it more. Where should I go from here?
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You have stated the truest mantra of the industry my friend.It becomes more so every day.Critique is a magnificent learning tool, only some people simply do not have the skills to wield it effectively and only 1 in 10 artists will truly excel from receiving it.Too many are more than happy to make a hobby out of demeaning your work and if you suck you deserve it.But if your good and the criticism is honest, use it to your advantage and be grateful that someones willing to point out a flaw.

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Hehe, your opening paragraph reminds me of a line an old cowboy said once.

You know that little white speck at the top of chicken ****? That's chicken **** too.

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