I like the mods for C&C3 and the X3 games

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RathChanger @ ultrafxsystem

Even if this mod is impossible to play through the Campaign on Normal or higher difficulty without a trainer, I still am having a good time with it.
Just some Ideas...
Tone down the blast animations from Nods Bombers. They lag the game.
Make vehicles and somemore defences garisonable maybe.
Maybe add a special building to construct the experimental or awesome power units.
Anything to add to the swarm effect of the Scrin, or the Nod sneaky tactics or GDI's Mobile Offensive capabilities is great.
Also remember that Green Tiberium is not mature and Blue is more mature.
Maybe add something that adds Black/Red tib?
Anyway I also liked the extra super weapons and defences.
Have a great Mod time.

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RathChanger @ RathChanger

I love the modder world for C&C 3 Tib Wars.
Desura made it easy to play them all.
Eventually I will have my own mod up and running.

What about the Scrin?

"Let the attack begin."

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RathChanger @ VisualPark

I mostly joined Desura for the C&C 3 Mods and want to mod it eventually myself.
I have most of the software but am still new to some of the finer points in the programming.
Anyhow nice to meet you.

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RathChanger @ C&C3: Tiberium Wars mods supported (update)

Well I have to say that once I can combined some of the best aspects of all these Mods it will be one hell of a campaign.
I like The Sys Mod , KWReloaded , and the Forgotten the best.
If you can get through the campaign and it is balanced it's fun. (But throwing in some chaos or early Tech is always great.)
We shall see what the others have in store for us though.
I am still just dabbling.
I want to just take all editions from start to finish and combined them and do a sort of time release Tech up.
However not level up and be limited like Starcraft or Red Alert 3.
I am going to call this mod Tiberium Red Zone.
This is also the idea I have in mind is a Red Zone War.
Part 3 of the Scrin War.
I might ask for some help with the campaign or just let someone else work on that.
Til next time.

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RathChanger @ SysMod ( Wrath Mod )

Reminds me of the Transformers 2 movie with all the gunfire.
Tried a skirmish and can't wait for the Campaign run thru.
Very future tech feel too it.
Sorry if I ramble.
I like the new twist.
I hope it's balanced.

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RathChanger @ Kane's Wrath Reloaded

This mod is great, Now if someone could add the Forgotten to the mix it would really be sick and wrong.
Especially if they had a few Superunits. I love the challenge it added to the campaign.
The power needs are a little steep but it will only make a few missions just more fun for juggling.
Maybe change the outpost units to be a bit more like C&C 4 was going for with the mobile MCV.

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