I'm just a high school girl from Finland and I've been interested in game developing since I was like 9 years old. Through discovering RPG Maker I have ambitiously started many projects and studied game developing, but most of those projects have been a dead end. I am skilled in writing, concept art creating, composing and designing on some level. I am not a programmer though, all my attempts to pick up any language have been dead ends also. For the lack of programming skills I have found RPG Maker a pleasant engine to develop on my own but am interested in Unity when planning projects in a larger scale.

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I had a little break from making my game and I think it really paid off. I concentrated on my English matriculation exam (which didn't go so well. the exam was made by lunatic ppl. I'm going to redo it.) and caught up with my homework as well. When I have had free time during these past few days, I have had a huge inspiration and now I've finished making 2 whole boss battles more. They are not so glorious but they are mostly puzzle-bosses so I'm sure they are entertaining and challenging. I set my deadlines a week later than planned but I have plenty of time to finish the game before my vacation week in October.

Then I'm just going to advertise my game all around for feedback, relax for a while, have my 18th birthday and start working with concept art for my bro's game and my friend's book. It's more fun with commissions; I don't have to come up with everything myself. My bro's game is going to be a Ratchet & Clank styled platformer, or that's what I've heard so far. It's been under development for a year but they haven't got very far because they don't have a concept artist or a pixel artist. So I offered my help.

All in all during the past month this development project has been a great experience for me. I have learned a lot of things such as operating the RPGM engine so there's less limitations in what I want from the game, and working to a tight schedule and nearly full-time with no room for slacking. Also I've learned not to set deadlines as soon as I did first. Based on the very first schedule I should've been ready with this game like 15 days ago! Fat chance. Maybe if I had everything planned on the paper and I didn't have to come up with new things during the process the development would be much faster. But for the upcoming projects I will put a lot more effort in the resources and the variety of the plot and the game itself.

Well, that's about it. Raito signing out~

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