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This is amazing. It looks incredible after you apply it, and really makes Mass Effect shine. The only "downside", as such, is the long load time during the first launch, but thats an issue outside of the mods control. Really, thank you CDAMJC


Empire at War Expanded: Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War

Early access mod review - 5 agree

Easily one of the best mods out there right now for FoC. While other mods might have more ships than this mod, this mod clearly makes up for sheer quality and dedication. You can see this in the mini-map outlines that they've made for each of the capital ships, the beautiful lighting effects, and just amazing new models and textures. This mod shows just what is capable using the Alma (i think that's it) engine.

Then take a look at the actual story material. They've presented us with a ton of GC scenarios lovingly crafted to be accurate and fun to play with (my favourite being the dark fleet crisis). You can play through nicely enclosed eras/events of the expanded universe, that all exist indepently. They've also crafted 3 entirely new factions (well not new, but basically non-vanilla, though you could say 2 are essentially the same) with unique playstles, with the EotH being my favourite, personally.

Try the skirmish mode, god is it fun to play. They have golan bases set up to stop early game rushes, the new space station models and the use of multiple buildings with different looks, really just make it a pleasure to play.

Really this is like the expansion that EaW would've gotten had the devs had time. Take a look at how active the dev team is, trying out interesting new modes like survival (then laugh at Corey's sad attempt to survive in recruit difficulty) and regidice. This is a team that cares, so much so that they've branced off into the Sins of Solar game with a (currently) upcoming mod called Ascendancy. This new mod takes advantage of the far more graphically pleasing engine, and hopefully makes the game far more connected with battles occuring more along the lines of the real Star Wars universe. I only give them a 9 because an 9 for me means that they beat expectations, and i never give 10s



Mod review - 3 agree

A really great mod, love the GK faction, but still find them a bit OP but not really a problem. Some of the tooltips might have to be revised but its only 3.2 atm so XD. Ummm just felt that perhaps some of the factions like the Tau and Eldar might have needed a bit more love. but still great work

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