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MEGASharpew @ Oversizer Device

hoy Take a looook! Your mod in action like never before^^

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MEGASharpew @ Oversizer Device

Yo hey, Zanieon, glad to see you still around!
This Oversizer Device is BRUTAL CRAZY! that's my favorite style, I spend all day just absolutely destroying the entire place XD, and see it KABOOM there and there! And mixing it with mods like Jurassic Rage... Damn that's going nuts haha. I deeply love your work and everyone else's! But mostly yours =)

UT3 is an absolutely unique experience! I can't live with this game ♥

I came here for... Oh lord, this bug report, since you're cleaning up code, check out the current wrong fire offset in the 3rd person view, the v1.3 version from MODDB, that's the only thing that needs fixing!

Here sticking to 1st person view instead sucks but helps my experience for the moment! Uhh I can't see the amazing FX going on! :O

As detailed as possible:
- My UT3 version is 3809, that is Version 2.1 Black Edition
- Installed in order depicted by the Ultimate Installation Guide.
- Also installed Nvidia PhysX "Legacy" version for games like UT3.
- Specs are: Nvidia 920M, i3-6006U Quad Core 2 GHz
- Also: Nvidia GTX 1050 (same bug happens here)

Video proof of the wrong fire offset (this is unlike your MODDB video)
(recorded in OBS, Nvidia 920M)

Hey, if you manage to fix that little one, release the fix asap, don't wait for v1.4 >.<
From reading the comments, I noticed a second person with this same problem, so.. this is real thing..
Like, it is super weird, the moment you transform, the offset is placed pretty high but quickly moves down (you can't see it in the video) but I mention so you get the idea what could cause it... I don't know.
EDIT: bug
2. You die before the timer expires.. and that timer keeps counting when "PlayersOnly" is on (though you can't see it counting but it IS), it's weird.
EDIT: more bugs:
3. Your player rotation resets when you step and kill any custom pawn, like dinosaurs, for some reason. (doesn't happen with default titan mutator)
^More content including the Oversizer Device

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