My name is Josh, I'm currently working on a mod for the GoldSrc engine, and I am a fervent gamer ;D

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Modding! (Obviously :P)

PyroKitty Blog

Okay, well, my life hasn't gotten any more active, and I've only been gaming, mapping, etc, even more. Fail. Either way, I finally settled on one single idea for a mod, decided on the engine (guess which one), and am going to get my modding group that split up back together...Or just remake it.I've decided not to give information about it, 'cos it'll be a while before the work even starts, so I'm going to need a C++ coder with a GoldSrc game (HL1, CS, TFC, etc), a modeler, and a skinner if the modeler isn't capable.Nao to re-make the group, and go place some job ads...

You Broke It!

PyroKitty Blog

As my good computer, which really wasn't that good in the first place, burnt out, I have been denied the right to use the Source engine. After that whole experience, I had to hang up my experience as a mapper and sulk off to go do other things. I have now discovered that mapping for the GoldSrc engine is just as easy as mapping for the Source, maybe a tiny bit harder. I was attempting to learn how to re-skin things, but that will have to wait a little while.
School is starting for me very soon. Next Monday, to be exact. Honestly, I've been bored to tears for far too long now and am completely ready to go back to school. I came to the decision that I was ready last night during a midnight rant.
Once I get back to school, I will not be wasting my life gaming and modding as much. Might even get a girlfriend.

Want a summary?

  • Computer burnt out
  • I know map for the GoldSrc engine
  • School starts 8/9/10
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