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the minmap code and design deserves a 10/10, because its simply perfect, but personally i have a minor, because the minimap spoil to much from landscape and steal a little bit the exploration part, which is ofcourse a personal taste.
well done and i hope we will see more such nice work from this talented modder!


Farmer Jack 2

Mod review may contain spoilers - 2 agree

it was a long developement time, but finally it was finished :)
pro's: very nice leveldesign, high quality setup of nature, environment and buildings. it have a nice new set of weapons and sounds and enemies. each map is non repetitive and you see always something new, a very welcome new setting in comparison to vanilla farcry.
atleast a "Must have played" in the farcy Mod section.

the most negative thing i would mention is the lack of enemy variation. it looks like its everytime the same guy copy pasted over the map, which is a very strong athmosphere killing element in especially the third level.
the players taktik should varie depending on given hiding spots versus the enemy and his set of weapon. this stays all the time the same, so the shootout becomes boring. but the nice leveldesign and unique ideas how to place the stuff (buildings, trains, cosntructionplaces and so on), motivates all the time to go forward.
personally i also dislike the ADHS like radar which is also way to big and totally useless because the leveldesign does not allow to go own ways or miss any targed.

all in all a 8/10, where the 2 missing points are caused by AI (not enough variation), the radar and outfading weaponslots (which is standart farcry behaviour since version 1.1).



Mod review - 3 agree

i give technically/athmospheric 10/10 points, but have to reduce it due the personal mood taste - i like positive, colorfull living environments.
but back to technical review:
nice waterdrops and bumpmaps on rainy sidewalk, excellent light/shadow effects and optimal set up viewdistances with always high FPS rates.
very nice fitting menu (if no video is played (which is standart colofull tropical FC menu video ^^).
intresting fact that you can't jump/duck/crouch. some parts of the game are a MUST SEE, i never have imageined that someone could do such things with cryengine.
--------->spoiler below--
-mod does not contain zombies ;(



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