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Too long? TL;DR version below at the bottom!

Succeeded on (re)installing Unbuntu Linux on a larger partition and things are going smoothly for a welcomed change. I've still to install many other programs though (such as Skype, DoW, and so on XP)

Gah, where to start. ...Chronological beginning, why not. It all started 23 years ago, when I was born and the universe determined I was to be unnaturally capable with computers, but also cursed with statistically impossible bad luck when using my PC.
Seriously now, this were the last few days on my end:
Tired sick of Window$ being overall crap, freezing at random intervals, bad performance, its purposely poorly implemented UI and mostly; unwilling to live with the fear it someday would catastrophically fail and I would not have a Plan B, I decided to prepare a dual boot with Linux.

I have many hard drives on my comp. All of them in good shape, S.M.A.R.T. reports 0 reallocated sectors (and similar indicators of impending disaster) on all of them. For simplification purposes, let's call them drives 1, 2 and 3. Since drive 1 was too small and full of other data, and drive 3 is huge and used exclusively for non-program data so far, I decided to make a new partition and install Linux in drive 2, which was like a happy medium. After preparing a bootable flashdrive with Kubuntu (a Linux distro), I reboot on my GParted disk, possibly the best possible application for the job. Then make a 20GB free area in drive 2 to install Kubuntu (worth noting Linux OS' aren't nearly as a hard drive hog as Windows, making 20GB more than enough, plus can read Windows-created files and pretty much every drive formatting system). Then I reboot back to Windows. OH! SURPRISE! The NTFS file system on one of my drives appears to be damaged! Fortunately (in a way) this had happened me before so I could recognize the error code-less screen showing nothing more than a few colorful lines.
Rebooted back to GParted. Drive "3", which I had not even looked at, had one of its partitions messed up. How did that happen? Don't ask me, what am I, Tzeentch?

Anyways, I (physically) take this trolly drive to another windows computer to fix it. Btw helpful hint: Hitting the Run command on start menu (Windows key + R works too), then entering "chkdsk /f". Without the quotes ofc. That checks the system drive for errors, so it is done at the next reboot. If it is a partition/secondary drive (such as D:\ drive) it's "chkdsk d: /f".
Fixed drive 3. Took it back to my comp. Booted back into Windows. Same error. WELL LUCKY ME I HAVE ALREADY SEPARATED THE HARD DRIVE SPACE AND GOT A BOOTABLE LINUX USB AT HAND! Or that's what I though.

I installed Kubuntu. Didn't take me long to notice 98% of the knowledge and experience I had gathered using Window$ accounted for nothing using Kubuntu. I didn't know how to do jack. Now, after around 6-8 hours of continued frustration, I had managed to accidentally remove the equivalent to the Start Button, and was struggling to find a way to restore it. While on that, I right click the Taskbar, I click properties, and (this is for real, as ridiculous it might sound) I TRY clicking a checkbox that iirc said "Highlight Window\". That was the last thing I got to do in Kubuntu. Upon clicking that checkbox, it immediately crashed, leaving me with no option but to reboot. Upon reboot, I was greeted with a sign, stating the following:

Error_sign wrote: : unable to launch "/usr/bin/startkde" X session --- "/usr/bin/startkde" not found; falling back to default session

An "okay" button, then a black screen. Upon pressing the power button to shutdown the system, the message "Requesting all remaining processes to terminate" (common to every Linux distro I've used so far) showed a "fail" status.
My stubbornness forbids me to take any kind of rest (at least I need to eat/sleep to be able to focus) from a task that's presenting resistance until it's done, but over 24 hours of a whole new level of catastrophically bad events managed to get me reading an actual book printed on paper for a few hours.

So I used another computer to download Ubuntu (without the 'k', and evidently a huge difference in my experience) and make a new bootable USB. Installed it, replacing Kubuntu. Then, after setting up my "base of operations" under a constant fear everything would suddenly shatter and crumble again, I decided it was time to start setting up gaming. "But Mr. Rocket-Banana." You may ask. "What games you can play on Linux?" Well, WAY more than you think. "But Borderlands 2 isn't on that list, and you really like playing it." That it isn't on the list doesn't make it impossible. "But that's a lot of steps". I've been my own tech service for a few years now, I can handle an illustrated tutorial.

Then, the next problem creeped up. Apparently PlayOnLinux doesn't like the games' data being on a different drive than the program itself. The program itself was installed on the 20GB hard drive area I separated for Linux, and I haven't found a way to change that (then again, I know reallly little about Linux and how to tweak it). Borderlands 2 is 13.8GB. In other words, I can't afford installing games in a 20GB partition. So I need to start over and install Ubuntu in a bigger partition.
So, I'm currently FINALLY making that complete manual data cleanup on all my drives, to then completely free up drive 1 (which is the "smallest", but still 320 GB), to then install Ubuntu there. This will take time. Say at least 2 days.

TL;DR version: SEVERE technical issues, including catastrophic Window$ failure. Moving to Ubuntu Linux, but obstacles emerge at a nearly constant basis D: Don't expect much activity from me for at least a couple days.
Also, if you happen to know know a way to get PlayOnLinux accepting game data from a different drive than the one where it is installed, I'll thank you forever.

Things I forgot to mention:
- Soulstorm is compatible with Linux (or more like the other way around lol), so no need to worry about that.
- There's native installment of both Hamachi and Dropbox for Linux. No need to worry about that either.
- Skype I will use Window$ version 5.0.0 with the WINE compatibility layer (reported to work) as Linux native version is so bad it's reportedly crashing/freezing systems.

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