Hey, i'm currently working on a Half Life 2 mod, that's right Half Life 2.The mod is currently called HL2 Mod + I know not a good name but it's just for now.If you want to be a part of the team or have any ideas or name ideas,your more then welcome. Spots For my Mod Team: Coder: Skinner: 3D Modeler: Gameplay Testers:<Watt> Perry NPC Creator: I now have a gameplay tester yay! anyway here are my ideas: Thirdperson Mod Bullettime mk_model.cfg redline.cfg whiteline.cfg timekeys.cfg gravitykeys.cfg buildbinds.cfg npcbinds.cfg npclist.cfg menu (hold tab) ballweapon.mdl ricekrispies.mdl oraclebombs.mdl (orb things) blue suit (for Gordon) What the weapons will do: Ballweapon-explode 5-Max Ammo Ricekrispie-explode 5-Max Ammo Oraclebombs-molotov 5-Max Ammo Crowbar-shoots RPG 16-Max Ammo SMG-Grenade Launcher-grenades 60-Max Ammo Double Bacon SMG-SMG 120-Max Ammo per Clip 300-Max Ammo


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