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Not too long ago, my buddy TheCoolGman decided to bash the fuck out of Andreas Rondberg's latest creation, Cry of Fear. Gman did not like the mod at all, so he went on the mod's page and spammed the damn thing to hell and back. Andreas (on his account, "Rumpel", though not spelled exactly like that) and his legions of fans attacked Gman, and a shitstorm of unnecessary drama occurred.

So what is my take on this? I honestly wish all of it would just stop. For starters, I actually liked COF, but the reaction to Gman's criticism was rather immature, if you ask me. Rumpel brought it to Bloodbath Software's mods' pages, and while it did eventually fizzle out there, the bullshit still persists.

Rumpel: Just ignore people who are critics. Do what you want with yourself, and keep up the good work.

Gman: Stop perpetuating the drama, and stop trying to draw me into this by constantly doing things like showing me videos/pictures/etc that make fun of Cry of Fear. And stop asking me to make an ED article on Rumpel. I don't want anything to do with this, and even if I did, not only would I have trouble making an article worth a damn, but I don't want a slander lawsuit on my hands.

That's it. That is the last I want to speak of this shit.


Not to mention nobody would actually care. It's an isolated issue that only us have had to deal with. /referring to the ED article

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