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Pack: Cold War Pack

Private_Scoop Blog

Because the Pacific Pack is still WIP and needs some polish, I work on a new pack: a cold war one!
It would have four parts:
Nato: Germany
Nato: USA
Warsaw Pact: USSR 1
Warsaw Pact: German Democratic Republic (GDR)

The first pack will be the german one with the following content:
- German Soldier in Moleskin Gear
- German Soldier in Splitter camo
- BGS (Bundesgrenzschutz)
- German Fallschirmjäger
- German Soldier in Swampcamo

- M1 Helmet in stonegrey-olive
- M1 Helmet with amoeba camo cover (Fallschirmjäger)
- M1 Helmet with splitter camo cover
- M40 Helmet dark grey (BGS)
- M40 Helmet with swamp camo cover (BGS)

Pacific war pack

Private_Scoop Blog

I will give you some news about my newest pack I'm working on: A pack with all stuff for creaing a great pacific war mission!
- US Marine Skins
- Japanese Skins
- Lots of Equipment
- Tank skins matching to the pacific theatre

I will use the MoW:VN Models as a base, but if anyone knows better models I can use, send me a PM.

Modders needed

Private_Scoop Blog

I think you know that we, the MoW Retex Group are working on a new mod ( ) If someone is a good modeller or scripter and want to help us, than please PM me.
At all we need the following:
-A statue of libery
-American downtown buildings
-StG44 and MP40 modernizations (short stocks, scopes etc)
-New german armors
-Ideas and suggestions :D

Thanks and Gott mit uns

New pack

Private_Scoop Blog

I deleted my old textures and will upload all of them updated, with individual burned versions and variations like other trousers or winter versions.
Also, SMG versions will be added.

The new packs will be:
German (re)skin pack 1 (released) : Oak Leaf summer and Pea Dot autumn camo field jackets
German (re)skin pack 2 (released) : Oak Leaf summer and Rauchtarn field blouses
German (re)skin pack 3 (released) : Splinter camo field blouses and Pea Dot autumn field jackets
German (re)skin pack 4 (coming soon) : Rauchtarn and Plantanentarn field blouses

German Equipment Pack 1 (coming soon) : Helmets matching to all camos, winter camo helmets, sodiers custom colorizations (historical accurate)

--- : Not finished yet
--- : Partly completed
--- : Finished

New skin pack

Private_Scoop Blog

Dear frieds and MoW fans,
I am working on a really big skin pack for Men of war: AS. It will contain nearly all german WW2 camos in HD. The oak leaf skins are finished for now, but alot of work waits for me.
If someone would help me, or knows good camo patterns I can use, that please cantact me.
Sincerely Scoop

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