My name is Carter Eggenberger, but most people on the internet know me as Redd. Or some form of that. I primarily make music under the alias of Prescott, but I sometimes make video games, and I'm quite involved in the indie scene. Hopefully I'll be able to make some games that you guys will like!

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If you stack it up to other Nameless games, it's a 10/10. That doesn't mean it isn't a piece of S#!+ still though. Seriously. It's just.... it's terrible. It's worth playing through once just to see for yourself, unlike the other games, but you will still think it's stupid. Because it is.



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This game is disgusting. And it's not even well put together. It's just some long hallway with text and jacked up pictures. And then there's of course real messed up pictures, extremely horrifying, disturbing content, and badly-made models.
I don't get why it says you should play the game on the highest quality possible, because it would probably look the same no matter how you played it.
It's just screwed up. Don't even think about "playing" this "game." This kind of stuff should get people arrested.
Are you happy, Nameless? Are you happy with me thinking you are a disturbed, sick individual who needs to be put into a mental hospital or worse?
You sicken me.

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