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prator @ An apology and more.

I, for one, vote that you stick with the old plan of releasing a prequel mod for portal 2 using the engine of portal 1. Admittedly, I'm kinda biased because I don't own portal 2 (yet).

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prator @ Project cancelled

Wait, so it's cancelled, and it is MOST ASSUREDLY NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE, but now it's almost done, and it is MOST ASSUREDLY AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE? Stop jerking us around, guys!

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prator @ 1187

Alright, I just beat the mod. My thoughts:
Overall, this was really good. The amount of custom content you put in is really something else. However, that doesn't mean it has no flaws.

1. I don't know if you did this on purpose, but the Houndeye has a ridiculous amount of hitpoints. If I blow through more than one pistol clip trying to kill one monster, and they attack in packs, and they've all got an area attack that cannot be dodged, there is a problem.

2. It's strangely difficult to aim the crowbar and some other melee weapons, which is a big problem when you're out of ammo (which happened a lot in the first couple maps) and trying to bash a zombie to death. Also, for some reason, the Fist attack you can make when you're equipping the health kit is much more powerful than your other attacks; I liked using it to 1-hit KO those aforementioned unreasonably tough houndeyes. Amusing, but still problematic.

3. Right at the beginning, there really isn't enough ammunition to go around when you have to fight that horde of zombies. I had to turn on god mode and use my Fist of Fury to get through that section.

4. I found a bug; if an ally dies and your game automatically reloads, you can't use ironsights anymore. This remains true even if you save afterwards and reload the game. However, I did find that if I loaded a save from before the ally's time of death manually, the problem went away.

5. I'm with the guy who asked to disable smoke and mist effects; my game would have been much less laggy without those.

Otherwise, what you have is really excellent. Good level design, a fun shooter experience, and good pacing for the most part. It reminded me strongly of STALKER.

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prator @ GoldenEye: Source

Does this mod have a single-player mode? The many multi-player modes look nice, but I'm wondering if the GoldenEye campaign is in this mod.

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prator @ Night at the Office

...Which room? There are a number of rooms you get stuck in. One of them requires you to axe your way through a vent, another one requires you to pull a key out of a filing cabinet, and the very last room will "open" on its own after the building shakes and the glass shatters.

Anyway, I finished it, and got three different endings, all of which provided me with the same police report password. What is this "police report?"

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prator @ Causality Effect

I enjoyed the mod, but I confess that I don't get how to achieve different endings either. I TRIED shooting Breen many times, but he seems to be invincible whenever I'm in a cutscene, and I didn't see any other opportunities to attack him. That said, it's kind of jarring to throw a grenade into a large group of people, see the boom, and not have anyone be affected by it.

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prator @ Blind Monk's Society.

The Jig marks the end of the game, right? 'Cause I spent a few minutes just listening to the ambient noises afterwards, wondering if the Blind Monks had abandoned me...

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prator @ Cleaners Adventures

It's easy. Just step onto the ledge at the side of the elevator door, and walk around to the ladder.

I finished the mod just now, and I must say I was impressed with the design quality of the whole thing. The only thing that would have improved it, for me, would have been if I could either understand russian or if the dialogue had been in english/had been subtitled.

In particular, I'd really like to know what the Gman was saying at the end. Not that it didn't amuse me to meet Russian Gman... KGBman?

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prator @ Heart of Evil: Napalm Edition

I'm having a Barney-related glitch issue too. Specifically, I can't get him to come out of his little cave by the boathouse and follow me to the boat.

I saw the solution involving the use of noclip, but I can't figure out how to enable noclip. (No, pressing ~ and entering "noclip" didn't work).

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prator @ MACe the Adventure

I dunno if there's anyone on this board who can still help me with this, but I can't figure out the tai chi puzzle. I'm pretty sure I found at least two solutions that involved having opposite arrangements of broken or whole pieces on either side of the tai chi octogon, nothing happens when I stand on the symbol or do anything else. Assuming that this isn't a glitch, could I get a screenshot of what the actual correct solution is supposed to be?

DeathDealer91's link gives me a 404 error. I think it has expired.

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