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No More Room in Hell

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Cave Story+

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This game is completely over rated. This game not only didn't give me any kind of narrative motavation to save the day, it seemed to encourage me to not be the hero. I don't know who I am, the Mimiga are all obnoxious, Toroto is holding the key that allows Mr. Generic to progress forward, she's a whiny bitch, AND they kidnapped the wrong person, who I also don't care about. And yet they expect me to save Toroto? "No", I thought to my self, "let the bitch rot". And so began Mr. Generic's complete unfulfilling quest to rescue Little Miss Problematic by fighting waves of elephants, bees, and other nonsensical enemies. If you are going to do an amnesiac game, you can still be VAGUE, but you can't give absolutely no information. Take, for example, Amnesia: the Dark Descent. You start with no inforamation other than "I am Daniel". To your left, you find a note that says "Dear you, kill Alexander Brennenburg. From, You in the past." Though you don't know why you have to kill Alex Brennenburg, or even if it really was you who wrote the letter, but it seems important the letter also tells you that you are being hunted, which also explains the would-otherwise-be-random Service Grunts. Cave Story tells you "save this easily forgettable girl in distress because you have no memory and nothing else to do. Now fight these unexplained enemies." I'm sure the enemies are explained later, but I'm also fairly confident that it'll be a ******** backstory related to "the doctor", who in my opinion is set up as the some helpless guy in search of Sue, and at first I honestly thought I had to save him. Despite all this, it had great sprite work, ok music, and the idea of leveling up really fast and losing your EXP when you get hit was creative. Also, it would've been nice to include at least one remotely difficult puzzle. All "hidden" things shine like they were tiny light bulbs and all the life capsules and treasure chests are in extremely easy-to-reach spots. Cave Story was a let down.



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Dumbledore Gets Killed By Snape.

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