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Ok, so, about a week ago, I bought a new computer. Yeah, you may think that this is great. I did to begin with. I downloaded gamemaker, and loaded all my files from a different computer to this one. So, when I run game maker and open up the sprite editor, the screen just blacks out and says 'no signal'. I just though "WTF??" I turned off my computer manually, and turned it on. Within five seconds of starting up the sprite maker again, the monitor bugged. Then, I tried again. IT WORKED!! I used it for a few more days, then... guess what. AGAIN IT BREAKS! It has been doing this on and off throughout my time of owning this computer. The computer itself never turned off. I used game maker today. It seemed to work fine. I used it for ages, and made a new boss in hard core block 2. Then- you guessed it- the monitor broke AGAIN! I never saved the boss. So i start again on it. I turned it back on- off it went when I went on gamemaker. After that, I couldn't get my computer to turn on! I pressed the power button so many times, but no, it wouldn't work. I turned off my electric and waited for around ten minutes. I turned the electric back on, and sure enough the computer turns on this time. I open up game maker, go to the sprite editor and... No, not the same this time. IT TURNED OFF! THE ACTUAL COMPUTER TURNED ITSELF OFF! WHAT THE FREAKIN HELL! So, I now ain't using game maker, and It's working fine. Ok, I downloaded a crack for pro, but it was still doing the same thing for lite anyway! Does anyone know what the hell is going on?? Please tell or I'll have to buy a new computer...

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