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Goodbye GameMaker

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Yup, my PC still won't lemme use game maker. I have come to a conclusion. IT'S CRAP! So, I'm using my bro's PC still, meaning HCB2 will probably be out later than I intended. OzlandLP's did 4 parts to the LP then pussied out, making the day I found that out one of the worst in my intire life. Sicrow7 don't do IWBTG games no more. Yup, Hopes for HCB LP's are... gone.... So yeah. HCB is nearly done, but I will take a while to publish it. I have made the final boss, and am making a secret boss now. Happy me.

Nerver guess what...

PixelRush Blog

I AM TYPING WITH MY PC!! It's fixed! I got my PC back after my 7th visit to PCworld and hooked it up. I started up the internet and... no signal. WHAT THE HELL!!?? THE GUY SAID HE WOULD FIX IT!! Then, I realised, after turning my head, that google had come up. IT ACTUALY WAS THE INTERNETS FAULT!!! YAYAYAYAYYAYYAAYAYAYAYYAYYYA! I HAVE A PC!

Paying For Damage

PixelRush Blog

Ok, I got my computer back today. GameMaker worked and I was happy. The, I booted up internet explorer. It says that I have no connection but in the bottom bar I had to bars of signal strength. I clicked diagnose connection problems and it said that my internet supplyer wasn't responding. Then, I went onto my bro's PC and it worked. I went on my Ipod Touch and it worked. My brother went on his Ipod Touch and it worked. EVERYTHING WORKED!!!! Aside from my one week old PC. So, I payed £15.00 for them to break my internet. YAY! So, I'm sending it back AGAIN!! In the past week, i have visited PC world 5 or 6 times.


PixelRush Blog

Pc world just rang this moring and said that it works again! OMG! How purely awsome. Gpnna pick it up soon... not today though. Anyway, Hard Core Block will soon be complete (I'm on the 6th of 10 bosses) and I will be able to complete it within 2010/2011 considering the time it took to make it this far in development. Also, I need a Lets Player to play the game and as I have already said, Ozland accepted the offer. Sicrow7 may also be doing it, but it is quiet doubtful. I am making a boss which is Bill Ritzer's second appearance... and well, yeah. I'll update tommorow from MY computer!!


PixelRush Blog

Ok, I have sent my PC back to PC world and I'm using my brothers now. They claim the can fix it but... u know... it's PC world. So yeah, Hard Core Block II is still under constuction, but I'm wandering if I will be able to finish it with all the moving it form PC to PC. So, remember to download version 1.6, .7 will be out soon but I need to finish the second Bill Ritzer fight. Also, someone may be lets playing my Hard Core Block II game soon! He is called ozlandLP's... LOOK HIM UP ON YOUTUBE!! lol, anyway guys, update the status of my PC tommorow...

Buggy Computer.

PixelRush Blog

Ok, so, about a week ago, I bought a new computer. Yeah, you may think that this is great. I did to begin with. I downloaded gamemaker, and loaded all my files from a different computer to this one. So, when I run game maker and open up the sprite editor, the screen just blacks out and says 'no signal'. I just though "WTF??" I turned off my computer manually, and turned it on. Within five seconds of starting up the sprite maker again, the monitor bugged. Then, I tried again. IT WORKED!! I used it for a few more days, then... guess what. AGAIN IT BREAKS! It has been doing this on and off throughout my time of owning this computer. The computer itself never turned off. I used game maker today. It seemed to work fine. I used it for ages, and made a new boss in hard core block 2. Then- you guessed it- the monitor broke AGAIN! I never saved the boss. So i start again on it. I turned it back on- off it went when I went on gamemaker. After that, I couldn't get my computer to turn on! I pressed the power button so many times, but no, it wouldn't work. I turned off my electric and waited for around ten minutes. I turned the electric back on, and sure enough the computer turns on this time. I open up game maker, go to the sprite editor and... No, not the same this time. IT TURNED OFF! THE ACTUAL COMPUTER TURNED ITSELF OFF! WHAT THE FREAKIN HELL! So, I now ain't using game maker, and It's working fine. Ok, I downloaded a crack for pro, but it was still doing the same thing for lite anyway! Does anyone know what the hell is going on?? Please tell or I'll have to buy a new computer...

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