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CK:DV War of the Usurper Westeros Mod

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The MOD even makes the Undead a playable kingdom and is very atmospheric. Grell took much care and allowed anyone of decent skill to continue working on the scripts.

Even some official "Game of Thrones" offers are not that much longterm fun, as one can play several generations of Each of the Great Houses like Stark, Targaryen, Baratheon, Martell, Tully, Arryn & Greyjoy.

It revived an outdated CK1 - DV indeed.


VTMB Unofficial Patch

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

To my knowledge Dr. Werner "Wesp5" Spahl has focused on restoring unused, or accidentally flawed, parts of the original so-called vanilla version of the game.

The long years to Patch version 9.9 included a long list of achievements in this restoration & preserving of original storyplay & atmosphere. The patch comes in a size of below 750 MB and still manages to bring significant improvements to the entire game.

Certain fan-wishes, logic-inconsistencies, and other weirdness have been solved, too. Even a chance to join the Sabbat and see the ending film of that choice are by now play-tested and fully functional. The fairness of allowing Presence to be nearly as helpful in dialogues, as Dominate & Dementation can be, was another achievement worth noting imo. The stability of the game is improved, too, as the console reports fewer problems the CPU has to handle.

In the one week within which I had private email exchange about VTMB with Dr. Spahl I found him a friendly, cultivated, and very well informed Patcher & Person taking great care to consider each decision & consequences.

As a Nosferatu sympathizer I must note though: He, Toreador-Style, was NOT very eager to learn from oldie Vampire Redemption and make RATS, delicious Rats, pick-up bloodpacks for the Chosen. I still hope we get portable rats in patch 10 though.

One minor issue I still found in version 9.9 was: That too many NPC and foes, including boss foes, had both 'No biting "1"' option set, and 'True Seeing'.

Another is that less than 25% of enemy vampires are given a discipline strata and basic disciplines. While I know how to correct it I see no point in keeping it that way.

That is not only anathema to the vampire theme, and bad game mastery, as outside of diablerie most vampires will drink the blood of their enemies without any regrets, but it spoils the 'stealth-killer' clans which have no social disciplines or focus on lockpicking and hacking...

Another is the Wesp5 induced limiting of disciplines. While I personally just add automatic soak successes or rewrite the trait-effects: Why restrict free player choices without any announcement what you intent or plan with it?

I still think his patch belongs to the worlds best unofficial improvements of the game, too. Especially because only the Spahl patch kept the authentic original game idea AND solved dozens of technical problems, glitches, and script-problems or python issues.

While I preferred the idea of Clan Quest MOD it remains factual truth that the 'Unofficial Patch' is a more reliable and more longterm help.

Another real bonus, for the rating and for every single downloader here in the MODDB: Werner Spahl answered every question to the best of his abilities and is usually quick with offering functional solutions OR uploading hotfixes.

I subtract 2 more points for the fact that I dislike people pestering me with their sexual orientation or sexual insecurities, especially after already mentioning that I am neither gay, nor interested in debating anything outside of game issues. And I subtract 2 points for demanding me to change the rating of my review but not even attempting to keep word on the review I would have appreciated...

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