Born: 01.03.1991 Germany / Hessen //First Games I played with my brother: Warcraft 2, Warwind, Doom1&2, Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, C&C TD //Interested in Computergames since 1995 //First work on Games: 2005 Quake 3 Arena with GTK Radiant 1.2 //Current work on Game: World of Padman with GTK Radiant 1.5 //Programs to use for my work: Photoshop 7.0, GTK Radiant 1.5, Milkshape :\, Lithunwarp, (now) Softimage modtool, audacity

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Pokernight Beta!

AUGSteyr Blog

im moment arbeite ich mit den dateien von wop 1.5 an meiner pokernightmap. im moment ist diese nur in SYC und FFA zu spielen, werde mich aber aber gleich an die BB version dransetzen und hoffe, dass ich sie einen tag vor wop 1.5 für alle betatester von wop 1.5 ausgeben kann :) nach der veröffentlichung der pokernight werde ich mich an eine neue map setzen, die ich vielleicht sogar CTL tauglich machen werde.

euer Phobos

Phobos Shoppingcenter

AUGSteyr Blog

Well, I've startet my work again on my shoppingcenter map for world of padman.
The first test of it has already effectually finished. I got a lot of feedback, some are negative, some are positiv. Now I'm trying to fix the mistakes in the map like incorrect textures, the positions of some entities, an the lightmap. I realy don't know if I should create a bigballoon version of it but this means also more work cause I want the shoppingcenter in the night and also some shops who are closed in the day should me opened in the night version and some opened shops should be closed in the night version.

But this means the community should take more patience and time when I release this map. Now Kais old mappingtutorial isnt available today. I dont know how the sprayroomteleporter is to be created, so I must load my Phobosroom and take a look on it.

Have a nice day.

sorry for the grammarmistakes :ugly:

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