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Howdy folks. Here is the latest on my currenty game codename "Energy"
Just finished video no 8!

[ Ep1 ] [ Ep2 ] [ Ep3 ] [ Ep4 ] [ Ep5 ] [ Ep6 ] [ Ep7 ]
▲ Here are links to the previous episodes. ▲

Change log:

■ Removed collision when in ghost form (can go trough everything!)
■ Wall Ghost Graphics lowres-ify (smooth gradient to a pixel look)
■ Tiles organises into a palette layer
■ Tweaked max distance between player and object pushing
■ Shadow blend inside one another
■ Gradual speed decrease when you transcend into spirit form
■ Polished absorb effect

♥ Thanks for checking my stuff out. ♥

You can snoop on my crazy antics here:

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