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Combine MP7 concept art
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nice man :)

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Looks tactical.nice!

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Yea Ive always hated the default HL2 smg1 model so I decided to make a proper Combine MP7 variant.

Original post on my DA account here :

More or less the Combine version of the MP7 is based upon the prototype MP7 with some minor alterations.

Its barrel and action have been moved up to make room for a single shot integral 20x85mm grenade launcher that uses the same grenades as the XM-29 OICW. tho unlike the human versions the Combine manufactured grenades are simple HE fragmentation grenades that are contact detonated "and also based on the beta HL2 20mm grenades".

Since the action was moved up the combine variant uses the same type of magazines as the regular MP7s but slightly extended. This mean they carry 5 more rounds over their human built counter parts.

The Combine MP7 uses 25 and 45 round box magazines with the 25 round variant shown here. Also the Combine 45 round magazine unlike its human counter parts 40 round mag. is not curved but in stead is a simple straight box mag.

The integral grenade launcher is loaded under the gun where the fore grip folds. It is loaded in a similar manner to a convention a shotgun or more accurately like the Helghast STA-52 secondary shotgun from Killzone 1. When fired the spent grenade cartridge is ejected from the bottom of the gun again just like the Killzone 1 STA-52 secondary shotgun.

Combine MP7 Stats

Caliber : 4.6x30mm full metal jacket with lead core & 20x85mm contact detonated high explosive grenades

Magazine capacities : 25 & 45 round box type + 1 20x85mm grenade

Secondary : 20x85mm Combine high explosive fragmentation grenades.

Action : G36 like short stroke piston gas system with rotating bolt

Rate of Fire : 950 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity : 735 m/s (2,411 ft/s)

Manufactured and used by the transhuman arm of the Combine Overwatch

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