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Report RSS Yume Nikki mod/remake on the Doom 2 engine? Yes / No ?

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Yea the title says it all guys. What would you think about
remaking & improving Yume Nikki on the latest build of Doom 2 with
GZdoom?Basically taking this
porting it into a 3D environment as shown in this in this Final Fantasy
mod for Doom2 GZdoom would just allow you to have free look crouch/sit and jump just like in the original game.
It would be alot of work but I think that the end result can be very unique.But yea I could work on it on and off with the mapping, textures, and
sprites but I would need a coder to modify the original Doom 2 engine a
bit to have properly opening doors and what not. Tho again this is on
and off and not full time since im already swamped with work for 2 other
mods, Black Ops Source "HL mod not COD crap" and Half Life 2D for CS2D.
would be no weapons either aside from the knife of which im thinking
about adding a secondary slash attack to the original stab attack. You
know to make it more visually appealing.
The hard part tho would
be getting some of the items to work in 1st person like the bicycle and
desk chair for example but I guess the easy way to solve that is to make
it 3rd person only but yea it's not really my style to take the half
assed easy way out :/
The rest of the songs and sounds I can simply rip from the original so that shouldn't be a problem.I
also need to think of another alternative ending that dosent suck as
much as the original did IE a non suicidy ending so to speak.
Tell me what you think people is its worth a try or not?

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